Wireless Door Bell Installed

>> Thursday, January 09, 2014

Since we moved in to my father in law's place almost four years ago, we never even use our door bell because it hasn't been working for a while. Until something came up where when my son's speech therapist came by for a session, she has been ringing the door bell, and no one answered.

So then I received a text message from her telling me that nobody answered the door and she was wondering if we're home. I was at one of my classes at that time and I thought, where's my husband and my kids then. Unfortunately, she has been ringing the door bell and it wasn't working at all. She never even knock, so hubby didn't know she came over.

To make every short, my father in law bought a new wireless doorbell this time by using an electric impact wrench, then they were able to install the wireless battery operated door chime kit at no time, without ruining the dry wall even, well, except with the button since they need to install it outside which the weather seemed really cold and bitter.

But after that, we're so excited and even me, because then I wasn't going to check every time when there's a package outside our door. Since I'm sure, package carrier will ring the door bell to let us know. Now, we have it for almost two weeks now. Though, I haven't heard it since we tested it a couple times that someone really uses it but it's good to know we finally have a door bell that works!



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