Hardy Christmas Day

>> Thursday, January 09, 2014

Last month was the busiest days of my life. I don't know why but it was a bit stressful month for me. It's not because of the holiday, but of what had happened. I never truly expected it and it is very depriving. I didn't know how it feels really to lose a loved one, but I now did. Yet, somehow I was able to managed. Good thing, I already bought some of my kid's gifts for Christmas last November during the Black Friday, then I was able to overcome what's ahead.

Unfortunately, during those times of my grief, I wasn't able to wrap the gifts yet, I waited after my father's burial to wrapped them all up. So after I did, I put them all under the tree and ready for the kids to open on Christmas morning.

So, when they got up from bed! My daughter can't wait! She loved opening wrappers from the gifts. She's not really into the gifts until she saw what she got! She loves to color and so when I got her some nice crayons, she has the "O" on her mouth! I also got my son some special gift. After he broke his Nintendo 3DS, we're still buying him gadgets. Duh! When we're going to learn. Oh well, there are some limitations, though. So, I will have to make sure, he's on to it because I'm not allowing some of the things he did before these time around.

Anyway, done with ranting! This is not about ranting post. But some happy times. I got my kids the new Leap Pad Ultra with Wi-Fi connection built in. It was nice but I never thought it was so limited. Yet, it's good for kids who just want to learn and explore at the same time. I also got them crayons and coloring books and also some new shoes and clothes.

 It was a nice memorable Christmas day for us. And we had fun as well opening our gifts from each other. :)



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