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>> Saturday, June 01, 2013

A few months ago when my son underwent a physical therapy for an hour, I always waited outside the waiting room area of the clinic. Every day, I noticed that there's only one magazine you can read and it's about parenting, home and some various recreational places for kids and parents to enjoy during their spare time. I thought the magazine were given free due to its content of advertisements. It's pretty boring, although it's very informative. But sometimes, reading the same magazine, three times a week is very lifeless. So, I rather brought my phone with me so I could just enjoy reading or playing games for the whole hour. A time seemed to be fast, but if you are waiting for someone, it takes like forever.

One time, I forgot my phone at home and I was very devastated. Yet, no time for us to go back and turned around, just to get my phone. I hated it when something like these happen. So, when we got there at the therapy clinic, I was pretty bored. I wish there's TV or even something to listen to. It was very stereotyped. I thought I'm going crazy here! But somehow I survived but I thought why there's no any magazines to read but one metro magazine! I wish they somehow just get a Magazine Subscriptions just to provide their patients some entertainment while waiting for their loved ones to get done. I think it's not that expensive, especially when I found an online site where they could get magazine subscriptions for cheap. I'm sure they have budget for it, for less than a year, they could only pay for less than a $100. That's pretty good deal for magazines.

Although, there are gadgets that enable people to just used it than printed articles, but sometimes, there are still some people love reading primitively. Basically just love to read books and magazines in an old fashioned way. I am too. I still love reading magazines whenever I had a chance to. They're always the best solution to cure boredom, I guess.



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