Weekend Play Time with Kids

>> Thursday, May 09, 2013

Last weekend, my family decided to go to Selfridge Air National Guard Base because of their new playground that was just built last year. I was so excited knowing that it could be our new place to go to when our kids needed a play time and to be outside of the house for once in a while. When we got there, the area were so quiet. We're the only one in there. The play ground was new and I think there are a lot of kids already been in the place. I also noticed a new track for runners which my husband had been telling me about. The place was barely new and I love the playground too because of the choices of slides by ages that kids would surely love to play with.

 So just last weekend, my kids had so much fun. Thankful that the weather is very nice and warm that day. Although, we still need to wear a hooded jacket but it's not a weather that will keep us away to enjoy the weather outside. My daughter were having so much fun exploring the new place. She loves being in the slide, although, at first she was getting familiarize everything. She also had fun with the swing. I thought she would get scared but I was wrong. She showed excitement whenever she's on it and she would exclaim with a smile.

My son loves it too. Although, he was so skeptical getting into a big swing but somehow he managed to keep it down. He also been going up and down on a big slide. They were a little bit bored though because there's only us in the playground. It would be better if there's two or more kids around for my kids to play with.

So next weekend, we're looking forward to go back to the same playground. I hope the weather this coming weekend will be nice and warm.



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