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>> Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When dealing with kids, parents tend to have difficulties. Is it something that really stood the test of time or it is just because of the gadgets or latest trends that somehow evolve in every individuals. But, I have learned that actually these high technology effects has nothing to do with child rearing practices, in fact, it is parents of they handle and leave some classic parenting styles for good. If the parents boils down the
ir children with love, respect and attention, it could lead to an effective parenting.

For me, to think about how to be a good parent seemed to be difficult to discuss, however, I have learned that through nurturing and by setting a good example can influence my kids to their choices. I think being parent is not always perfect, we messed up sometimes, so apologizing to our kids can be a matter.

 Another thing is also to show affection. Some parents might think it's a bit cheesy to show love to your children in front of others but it is something that will give them strong sense of self esteem. A security of feeling being loved is what matters most. This way, my husband and I always hugged and kissed in front of our kids just to show them that we genuinely loved each other. And eventually they will learn how to be loving on their own way.

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Also, to get involved on your child's life is very important as well as to adapt a parenting style that will fit to your child. Like learning every stages of development that eventually will situate their strengths and weaknesses in order to make them grow through difficult choices.

Being a parent, it's not always easy because by being friendly, you have to set rules as well. I always limit myself by setting up boundaries. Therefore, I always have to remind myself that rules are rules, I must enforce it effectively to avoid unwanted consequences.

Parenting is not as easy as what you think. I could even picture myself as imperfect because consistency sometimes is my weakness. I know I have to instill the idea that whatever I say, they have to do it. Or else credibility will be in danger. I know I also need a parenting makeover.



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