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>> Monday, March 18, 2013

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Last weekend, my husband and I finally decided to move out my son’s TV from his bedroom. I thought it could be the best thing to do because my son was indeed a movie and game lover, yet we’re wrong. We shouldn’t put a TV at his room in the first place. It was a big mistake because it makes our son not to be able to sleep at right time anymore. He just rather wanted his TV on and would not want it turned off. So he ends up watching it until he fell asleep. It was crazy knowing that I thought it could entertain him when he was bored. But, at some point, it is the worst move we ever did. So, we finally moved the TV out and put it in the living room instead.

Now, I can watch them whenever they’re watching their favorite kid’s show on TV right in our living room. I think this is a smart choice because I can also use the TV for my home fitness workout routine. I think this is a good choice for everybody. Although, my son wasn’t so very happy about the idea of removing his TV out of the room, but he’s getting better and accept the fact that no more TV on his room now.

Yet, I noticed that I also watched the TV now most of the time. I was often going down to the basement since we got the small TV up in our living room. It was crazy! Though, the TV was smaller compare to the one we have in our basement, I would still rather go to the big one for a full enjoyment and entertainment. Yet, I’m so happy my son can go to sleep now without any distraction. I’m crossing our finger though because still he has toys that also can drawn him away from bed time but hoping for the best.



Jonalyn Quita March 19, 2013 at 2:13 AM  

I also do think Tv shouldn't be put in anyone's bedroom may it be a kid or an adult's room. Masasanay din si Joshua Na walang tv sa room Nya :)

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