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>> Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Candies are my kid’s favorite indulgence. I could never castigate them for being so addicted to it because I, once, been obsessed with jawbreaker. However, I managed to outgrow it over time, yet for once in a while, I still treat myself with one. One of my favorite are the minty bonbon especially the eclipse in winter frost and peppermint, I also like the extra in classic flavor, the bubble which reminds me when I was just a little girl. My mom used to tell me that I would decay my teeth from eating too much sweets and I should brush my teeth afterward. Then, of course, as a young, stubborn kid, I was pre-occupied with other things, and brushing my own teeth was just a mundane moment.

Well, if I could only turn back those times, I should have listen to my mother. Now, I’ve been suffering with ugly teeth due to fillings and even lost some teeth because of these candies. Good thing, I shouldn’t be worried as much as my mom once went through with me due to the sugar free gum which are now some candies were made of, especially the Life Savers which my son loves.

Good thing, there is a website where to find these sugar free candies at very affordable prices too. It means that there’s always light in the end of the tunnel for me and for my kids to still enjoy sweet confit and amber at any time.



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