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>> Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two years ago during my husband deployment, I was left alone with two kids. It was hard, yet as the days and months went by, I was getting used to it. Well, I got to get to in order to survive. Sometimes, things are seemed fine but when our car’s tires need an air compression, I thought what I’m going to do. I don’t have any idea about cars and how to fix them especially on the problem with air. So I told my sister in law about it and her husband eventually drove the car to the nearest car shop for auto air compressor service. I was thankful that part was over. I couldn’t imagine what more do this car for me while husband was out. I thought what if the car’s heater would stop working one day and what if during the summer time, the air conditioning got disintegrated. All of those things were running through my mind which somehow hoping those things won’t happen.

So since those things might occur, I thought it must be a good idea to check out what I could learn from online. That’s where I learned that since our car was not brand new model, I think by having knowledge about classic auto air products might be a good start for me to know what to do. Even though, I have brother in law around but sometimes they have their own busy schedules too. I can count on them but not all the time.

Good thing, I found an online store that specializes and sell a wide selection of AC and heater replacement parts for vintage air type vehicles which absolutely would help me to have an idea of where to buy replacement parts just in case our car needs a new one. So, when my husband came home last year, I told him about this site too. To give him knowledge and ideas that we can fix our car for less just in case we obliged to. This is something good to know, eventually.



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