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>> Saturday, February 04, 2012

It’s been two weeks now since we got here in the Philippines. Actually, my first come back from the Philippines since I came to US. I was so excited about it and so my parents. This is going to be my parent’s first time to see my kids too. Unfortunately, my son can’t able to come with us due to his schooling and also some medical necessities he needs to accomplish.

So, I decided to just go to the Philippines together with my infant baby girl, actually, my daughter’s first trip to the Philippines. I was so excited for her. My mom was so happy to see her too. It was just so weird feeling that I am my mom’s baby, now I have a baby and my mom was here to see her and to take good care of her. It was just a very happy feeling.

Anyway, I wish my son was here too. My mom was so excited and I bet happier because he finally saw both of my kids. Hopefully, maybe, next time by God’s will, I could able to go back here in the Philippines and definitely bring my two kids with me. That would be a lot of fun!

For now, my daughter and I were having fun. It’s nice down here! Warm weather is absolutely take a lot of wonderful time to enjoy being outside. It is just sometimes it’s getting to hot and it’s annoying. It’s probably the reason is that I’m not used to it anymore.


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