>> Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Convenient Reading Possible with E-Reader Gadget

>> Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday season is just around the corner. It means two days from now, it’s already December. A few days from now, year 2012 will set in which means a new year to celebrate and enjoy! But before that, let’s go back on Christmas time.

Christmas time is one of my favorite holidays of the year because this is the time where you can able to share and give gifts to people you love and cherish. I think Christmas is also an excuse to show someone how you appreciate them and that’s what I wanted to show to my dear husband who worked hard for us. He chooses to be separated with us to give us a good life and to serve this country. So he truly deserve one thing, an ereader because my husband loves to read current news and affairs online. He would check news on his phone or even on a computer at any time he has spare time, but sometimes it is not easy. I thought maybe an e-reader is a good holiday gift to give to someone who loves to read news, magazines, books and more. It is very convenient and easy to use. With a one touch of a button, my husband will know what's going on in the world! He would surely have a blast with e-reader. That's for sure!

Now, I have an idea of what to give to my husband this Christmas season. I can’t wait to get one and wrap it to surprise him soon after he gets home from his deployment. He will surely love to have an e-reader. I’m glad I found an e-reader online for less.


Mommy and Me: Alone Time

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
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It’s Monday time and it is time for Mommy and Me meme. It’s been a while that I haven’t posted any of my Mommy and Me moments due to my busy schedules. I couldn’t believe it that having two kids would occupy my time. Oh, I wish I have a helper and a husband to help me out. Oh well, a month more, then soon hubby will be home from his deployment. I was so excited about it and I just can’t wait! I hate waiting too.
Well, this week, last Thanksgiving Day, I spent time with my husband’s family. We went to my sister in law’s house for the night and it was fun.

However, I was seemed tired, but seeing my kids so beautiful and healthy, having lack of sleep is all worth it. All day, each and every day, I spent my life with my kids. So, every day, I also take pictures for me to send to my husband because he wants to see his kids too. He misses them so much as we were to him. Being a single mom is quite hard, therefore, I salute to those who are single moms out there with kids who worked hard to provide their kids good life. I know how difficult it is!

Anyway, this are one of our latest photos that were taken two weeks ago along with my two kids. It was taken while we were chatting with my husband using a chat messenger. . Then, the other one was taken a week ago after we came home from a Thanksgiving dinner at my in laws. 

It was our first thanksgiving without hubby with us to celebrate it. So, it is definitely mommy's alone time with my kiddos!


Holiday Gifts for Men

>> Friday, November 18, 2011

Haven’t found that best gift yet for your man? Well, I have something for you to check out! Aeropostale was having on sale right now! Most of their men’s selection of clothing is on sale for up to 40% off! One of the best idea to give this holiday season to the man of your life is the Aeropostale’s button down shirts which are currently on sale right now from $18 originally priced $39.50. Plus, you can also use their coupon of 40% off in store or online right now. It absolutely will save you money while giving your man a nice quality material button down shirt he deserves.

Anyway, I was thinking of getting one for my husband too. He might like this long sleeve striped shirt in bleach color because of its classic look which can be match up with anything like sweater. He has some of the other colors of these shirts too, but he just doesn’t have the bleach one yet, so I think I will get this one. Or maybe this long sleeve hooded flannel shirt too which is great for winter time while playing outside with our kids plus I love the idea of adjustable hood strap. I can’t wait to shop soon at Aeropostale. I was also looking for some mittens for me too and maybe some tops too! Oh, it’s shopping time!


Get an online RV Insurance Quote today!

>> Thursday, November 17, 2011

What is 5th wheel insurance? You might be wondering what it is all about it, but it is one of the best insurance you will consider when you have an RV. An RV is consider to be a personal property on the road, therefore, most people who owned an RV needs a wheel insurance in order to secure their RV needs while on the road. If you own an RV, and wanted to learn more about 5th wheel insurance, then this is the time for you to check out Good Sam RV Insurance website. They have the insurance policy coverage that you might need in your adventure in the future which provide you a peace of mind while on the road, relaxing and enjoying the trip.

Well, it is not too late yet to switch, if you think your insurance is not covering your 5th wheel insurance, it might be something you might need to clarify. In order to do so, visit Good Sam today to get an online RV insurance quote today!


My Watermelon Baby

My 4 month old daughter always loves to sit. I don’t know why but I guess it makes her to be able to see what’s around her. She can see things clearly when she sits, therefore, I always hold her while sitting on my lap against my chest. She would absolutely love it! However, sometimes, I need to do something inside the house, than holding her the whole time. So, I decided to buy her a booster chair which I also bought for my son almost four years ago. However, there are a lot of things now that is new especially this Prince Lionheart’s bebePOD Flex Plus Booster Seat in watermelon color.

The seat is cute in real thing. It is beautifully designed and has the flexibility of converting from a floor seat to a chair-mounted seat in a snap; I don’t have any problem putting her off the floor because of the strap. It was the very first of its kind since my son’s seat before has no strap at all. Also, it’s light, easy to clean and durable design makes it excellent for travel and is perfect for the outdoors, restaurants and for visiting family too. I also use this chair whenever I had to eat my meal. She would sit right next to me without a fuss. She absolutely loved it!

• Works well for babies from 3-14 months
• Dual-strap system
• Converts from floor seat to chair mounted seat
• Comfortably soft, non-toxic and easy to clean
• Adjustable Upgrade Tray, 2 placemats and learning toy keeps baby engaged
What more could I ask for? If my daughter love it! Why not me!


Puppies vs. Babies! The Ultimate Showdown!

This post brought to you by Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine.

It was almost two years ago when my sister in law with four kids decided to get a dog. Not only one, but two dogs! The first dog was bought through an animal society where there other one was bought in a pet store. I bet she wanted more babies, but having four kids is already too much for her! So, now to satisfy her craving, she bought dogs! If I could ask her why, she will eventually say, she loved dogs! I love dogs too! I actually own a dog which I left at my parent’s house when I got married.  I miss my dog actually. I wanted to get him out of my parent’s house, but the home we are renting right now doesn’t allowed pets, so I will just good with babies! I have two kids anyway who already occupied me a lot!


Anyway, since it is time for us to vote on Puppies vs. Babies online contest, which would, you choose? Which one you think is cuter? Ok, I love dogs too especially those little tea cup morkies, oh my they’re so adorable! But, if a baby is cuter like my daughter Joella, well, you will think twice! I love my baby girl; she’s the cutest and sweetest baby ever! You would definitely not want a dog anymore. Puppies sometimes cute, but they smell and they’re just stinky! It makes your whole house smell like a dog, like what my sister in law’s house now.

Therefore, when I cast my vote for who’s the cuter in a Puppies vs. Babies photo online, I choose babies!
So, if you want to cast your vote in Puppies vs Babies online contest, don’t forget to leave your comment below of which one did you cast your vote.

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4 Months Old Today

>> Thursday, November 03, 2011

My daughter recently turned 4 months old today! She's getting so big each and everyday! As a matter of fact, she had done a lit of things which I'm quite surprised about. Like when she hears voices aside from me, she would stop crying. It gave me a thought of wondering, where my newborn has gone by? Days and weeks are so fast that it makes me to miss those times when she was still a newborn. But, of course, she needs to grow up and to learn new things which makes the fun so exciting!

Anyway, this month she had been doing well. Except, with the rash she had right now. It might be an eczema or something. I wish I could just stop it, but her skin is so sensitive. The cold weather might have something to do with it as well. Despite the rash, she was still making high-pitched squeaks, she even laugh too with me and her big brother Josh. She even make sounds when looking at us.

One time, I held her in front of the mirror, and she smiled at herself and make sounds. She loves seeing herself in front of the mirror, I think every girl do, right? She even loves to watch her hands and what things it can do. Shes a gripper too! She even holds her bottle when I'm feeding her. She was just a good little girl!

Next week will be her 4 month old well child examination. I wonder how her development and weight now.

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