Postpartum Hair Loss Nightmare!

>> Thursday, December 15, 2011

It’s been almost two months now that my hair is falling out due to hormonal changes I went though after giving birth. It was so new to me because I was not shedding much of my hair when I was pregnant with my son Joshua. They also called this a postpartum hair loss which sometimes in first few months after giving birth, it will eventually attack but it's perfectly normal as what expert say. And there's no need to panic because I won't go bald. In fact, my hair should be back to normal by the time my baby's first birthday. I thought that was a long time to wait!

Now, my hair looked funny due to some short new hair grew especially in the bangs area of my hair. So, I always have to wear a hat on in order to hide the short hair I have right at my forehead area. Good thing, it was winter here because then I have reason to wear a winter hat. It was devastating because I have to look good on my upcoming trip soon, but I guess not. I think I have to endure the problem because I can’t do anything about it unless I do some new hair styling which I don’t have time at all.This is absolutely a nightmare!

So, when my sister in law and I went to a grocery store to shop for some food. I stopped at the merchandise section to look for some Women's Hats I could find for cheap. I found one and it is absolutely perfect! I thought I also need a hat for a tropical weather too! I think I will need to buy a new cap. Maybe, a twill military cap for women is a good idea!


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