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>> Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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It’s Monday time and it is time for Mommy and Me meme. It’s been a while that I haven’t posted any of my Mommy and Me moments due to my busy schedules. I couldn’t believe it that having two kids would occupy my time. Oh, I wish I have a helper and a husband to help me out. Oh well, a month more, then soon hubby will be home from his deployment. I was so excited about it and I just can’t wait! I hate waiting too.
Well, this week, last Thanksgiving Day, I spent time with my husband’s family. We went to my sister in law’s house for the night and it was fun.

However, I was seemed tired, but seeing my kids so beautiful and healthy, having lack of sleep is all worth it. All day, each and every day, I spent my life with my kids. So, every day, I also take pictures for me to send to my husband because he wants to see his kids too. He misses them so much as we were to him. Being a single mom is quite hard, therefore, I salute to those who are single moms out there with kids who worked hard to provide their kids good life. I know how difficult it is!

Anyway, this are one of our latest photos that were taken two weeks ago along with my two kids. It was taken while we were chatting with my husband using a chat messenger. . Then, the other one was taken a week ago after we came home from a Thanksgiving dinner at my in laws. 

It was our first thanksgiving without hubby with us to celebrate it. So, it is definitely mommy's alone time with my kiddos!


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