Cell Phone Accessories

>> Monday, June 28, 2010

Last November of 2009, I still remember the excitement when I received my phone on the mail. It was a Nokia Twist 7705 phone which actually my third phone of being here in the US. It was indeed a very cute phone, very accessible on text messaging and even surfing on the net. So, I went to a certain website right away to buy some cell phone cases for my new phone for protection. Then, I order two cell phone cases and received them after a week.

After a month, my sister came over to visit us for a Christmas vacation. She looked at my cell phone and amazed of how cute it was and how the design was and the features, etc., and then all of a sudden she dropped it for the first time. I was surprised and thinking what the heck, she just dropped my new phone.

Good thing it has a case that protects it and my phone still working fine. I think after that, I always dropped my phone for several time and still doing fine due to the fact that I always put the protected case in it. I think cell phone cases is a must, especially now that some cell phones were seemed made so fragile. So, now if I will get a new phone, I will have to make sure to buy cell phone cases too. It is just a good thing to do to make my cell phone lasts longer.


Trend of PD

>> Saturday, June 26, 2010

I was reading a post about the high cost consequences of low prices eyeglasses and contact lens to optical clinic and how they face loss of business and money. Then, they blame it on those websites who sell affordable and cheap eyeglasses. So, as the result, a lot of optician or optical clinic doesn’t want to give out the patient’s PD or pupillary distance results unless they order the eyeglasses at the optical clinic where they had their eye exam. Pupillary distance is important when it comes to ordering eyeglasses either offline or online because this is the measurement between the pupils of the eyes, center to center, in millimeters. This is used by the manufacturer so that the patient could get the better eyeglasses that will fit to them perfectly. I think this is very important because how could you be so comfortable wearing eyeglasses when it wasn’t even a good fit. So, I think a lot of optical clinic should consider this and not to make the best deal out of it. Not a lot of people have enough money to pay for expensive eyeglasses.

So, I think it is not fair enough for some optician to not give out their patient’s PD or not do it when people want their PD measured. I think a lot of people are looking for cheaper and yet durable pair of eyeglasses and that’s their right to find what suitable on their budget. I think we just not be inconsiderate and let face it, the economy is bad. Are we supposed to help each other?


Our Father's Day Moments

>> Thursday, June 24, 2010

On Mommy Moments is Father's Day 2010.

mommy moments

Last Father's day, my husband has to go to work for the day at the base so we don't have the chance to go out and enjoy the day. Surprisingly, my in laws don’t have anything in mind for this special day. I thought maybe they were just waiting for their dad to come over this week for a vacation, and then they will celebrate the Father's day with him. We gave him surprise greeting cards from me and Josh and I placed it the night before, so when he got up early in the morning, he found it.

Anyway, when hubby gets home from work, we eventually watch a movie for a while. We watched a movie entitled Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs it is just a good movie because it is all about how Father's love sometimes will do anything for his child. It was just perfect. Then we went out to play with our son Josh with his bicycle. It was fun. It was our first father's day where we don't need to go somewhere else but home. My husband was just so tired too to go anywhere so we just spent some time outside and then went to buy some ice cream. When we came back I cooked dinner and then we ate. It was a good day for us and my son had a blast too.

What a typical father's day but it is good too since we will be able to spend time more each other.


$150 Gift Certificate from Hayneedle Giveaway

Want to win a $150 gift certificate from Hayneedle.com? Why not join a giveaway where you can win $150 gift certificate by entering now at 3 garnets and 2 Sapphires website through a giveaway contest: Giveaway & Review: Step One Twin Platform Bed ($150 Hayneedle GC). The best thing about this giveaway is that when you win this gift certificate, you can shop at their online store and buy what you want for $150 worth of products. I have been eyeing this recliner for toddler. I have always wanted to buy my son a chair for him to use during interactive game time.

If you want to join and enter, just visit the link above. Who knows you might be the lucky winner...

Hurry the contest will end on July 19, 2010 at 11:59 pm EST and the contest is open to U.S. residents only.


Happy Father's day, Dada!

>> Sunday, June 20, 2010

On this Father's day, we want to greet our special dada, a husband, a friend who made our lives worthwhile, a happy Father's day! We both love you so much and we thanked God for having you as my husband and dad to Josh. We want to tell you too of how much you mean to us. We have no words to say about how much we appreciate you, how much we admire you, how much we thank you for everything you've done. You worked so hard for us and still you have time to spend time with us, especially with Josh. I am so glad you are the father of my son. You are the best. I love you so much. I don't think that even if I searched the world for years and years and years I would find someone that is as caring, as thoughtful, as hardworking as you. I love you. Happy Father's Day Dada/Baby! Muah!


Business Matters

>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last Monday, my sister in law came over again to work on his business plan. Since I am helping her with this matter, I have noticed that having a business is not an easy task. Aside from managing the business you have to make sure everything was on the right track from products, marketing strategy, to personnel management. Plus, you also need to deal with mortgage and rental, and the business insurance. Business insurance is absolutely needed for the employees and for the business itself as well. So, in order to keep everything on track and be in the list, we have to find the best and reliable source of business insurance quote that might be helpful for my sister in law’s business for over a long period of time or when she get a chance to expand her business.

She thought of making a business in New York, since this is one of the best capital in the US to start a business then she might need a New York business insurance to help her out. I think having business insurance could able to make her feel secured and safe. So, now she was looking for some New York insurance information in regards with starting a business matter in other state.

Well, it is not easy to make and manage a business but I guess it just needs a lot of patience and hard work. Plus, if there’s a business insurance that will take good care of the rest, then I guess having a business is just not what I think of.


Daddy Moments

This week on Mommy Moments is Daddy Moments.

Father's day is this coming Sunday and I am just so excited about it. I just can't wait what to do during this special day.

This was taken when we were at home and I was getting ready because we're going to the mall I guess. They were there at the bed playing hide and seek with his monkey stuff toy.

Well, this week's topic was just so right for my son and my husband because they always spend time with each other either at home or even at the playground. Whenever my husband came home work, my son gets so excited to see his dada home. Then, they could able to play with each other and maybe teach him some few things as well. My husband has patience when it comes to those, but I don't so I guess I am lucky enough.

This was taken last April 2010 when we went to my MIL's house upnorth, about 6 hours away from home. They went boating too for the first time and my son loves it so much. Then, they were by the lake (second photo) looking for shells and some sea rocks!!!

This was taken last May when we went to the park nearby and take a stroll for the first time when the weather was kind a nice but still a little bit cold.

There are still a lot of memories of my son and my husband sharing some stuff together and probably I could capture using my camera but of course, some of them are in thoughts. I am just so happy that despite his hectic schedules, he still have some precious time with our son, and to be with us.

When I looked at my husband's daily list to do's yesterday, I saw a sentence that truly captured my heart, with all his lists of things to do for that day, he wrote down " Take Joshua Outside" which means spent time with his son outside to play. Very thoughtful, loving father! Lucky Josh!

Well, on this special day, I just wanted to tell him how thankful we are for having him in our lives. Happy Father's day! We love you, dada!

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A New Ipod for Hubby on Father's day!

>> Thursday, June 17, 2010

A few months ago the month of June hit us, I asked my husband what he wants on father’s day and also for his birthday. He thought for a while and said, maybe a new laptop. I thought a laptop was way too expensive and so I asked him again after that. This time, he may be realized that I was not so into the idea of buying him a laptop, so he said maybe an 8GB ipod. I thought well, maybe this is a good thing because there’s a lot of stores now that sell ipods at very affordable prices. They also have sale and discounts during special holidays like father’s day.

Now, I can’t wait to shop for one and maybe will surprise him this coming weekend! I am sure he will love my idea of giving him a new ipod.


Solar Powered Crayons and Recycled Bottle Cap Markers

My son loves to color, at this age, he started exploring especially when he's trying to draw using a chalk, it is kind a messy after he was done and I don't think chalk is safe enough because of its tiny dusts. I know that I needed a marker instead because it is way neat and safe especially if we use the recycle markers.

So as usual, I joined this giveaway from 3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires again where you can win a box of Solar Powered Crayons and Recycled Bottle Cap Markers. If you want to join just visit the website. Enter now, who knows, you might be one of the 5 lucky winners!

Well, if you want to purchase crayons and markers, just visit Crayola.com at any time.


Leapfrog Explorers, Check this Out!

>> Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We love leapfrog products, I think most of my son's toys were leapfrogs. It is because leapfrogs carry a lot of good toys for our son which can be educational or games that teaches him the basic academic skills while having fun. Leapfrog absolutely is a good babysitter. I always count on them.

So guess what?

3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires is giving away a Leapster Explorer plus the Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 game cartridge regularly priced at $95. You can get it for free by entering her Giveaway & Review: Leapster Explorer plus Toy Story 3 Game. Joining is just so easy, I've been joining her giveaways without a hassle and I'm loving it especially if I won! Very addicting experience, indeed.

So, if you want to join just visit the link above. If you want to purchase and visit the latest products from LeapFrog.com. Oh, I love their new laptop for kids!


Promote your Shows

>> Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If you are a Fashion Designer, Model, Club goer, Photographer, Musician, Actor, Director or just anyone in general who wants to promote your show or sell your tickets to events that you are promoting, then, you can use MEH as your social networking medium. It was a website where you can join for free and upload your pictures as much as you want and share it to others. You can create your own blog and share it to others. This is also the best way for you to introduce your business to the world like of MyEventHub (MEH) by Fashion designer Bian Variani.

So, to learn more about this just visit the link above for more information on how to join or purchase a ticket.


Favorite Games

This post might be sentimental because it is just a memory of me being a kid and how I love those times where I could just play and play and eat. Isn’t it amazing where you don’t bother about bills and food to pay? All you need to do is just play with your favorite game, watch your favorite movies or show, then, eat your favorite food. I remember when I was a kid; I used to eat a lot of snacks. I hate eating rice and even vegetables. Then, some of the games I love to play were unusual, I love playing alone sometimes with puck up sticks and paper dolls. If I am with my sister we always play pretending like as if she have a store and I am a customer, then sometimes we used to play school, where she was a teacher and I am her student. It was fun, then my brother will pretend his driving a taxi and we were his passengers. It was fun and those memories were funny and yet memorable.

When I was with my friends, we love to play game such as Tagging; the goal is to tag the other team's base without getting tagged. If you're tagged, you're transferred to the other team and must be rescued. I also like playing Chinese Garter; two people hold both ends of a stretched garter horizontally while the others attempt to cross over it. The goal is to cross without having tripped on the garter. With each round, the garter's height is made higher than the previous round (the game starts with the garter at ankle-level, followed by knee-level, until the garter is positioned above the head. I can’t believe how high I could able to jump before. Now, I don’t know if I could still do it. I love to play try to cross my line without letting me touch or catch you game. I was addicted to it and it just so much fun game to play with friends.

There’s a lot of game that I enjoyed playing when I was a kid and some of them were just memories that I will cherished forever.


Vacationing in Sunny San Diego

A couple of years ago, we planned to have a beach vacation in Florida but that didn’t happen because of some circumstances where we need to prioritize before taking any vacation. So, we waited again for another year and we planned again. Then, it didn’t occur due to the fact that we need to go to a different state for this vacation where I visited my sister instead at Connecticut for two weeks. This time I wanted it for real. We wanted to go to Florida this coming Father’s day but at some point we couldn’t make it due to my husband’s work. I don’t know why but we can’t go to Florida and maybe it wasn’t meant to be. So, I thought maybe if we go to California, maybe it might happen. I have some friends there too that we could visit while vacationing in San Diego. I have found a Mission Beach vacation rentals where we could enjoy savings on their special summer packages.

Well, I have found a San Diego property management where you can rent a house or a cottage then just enjoy the comfort of being at home. Unlike hotels, you need to be just at one place; you can’t cook or even sit on a living room while watching TV. At this rental homes, you can eat at the kitchen dining at any time and enjoy the ambiance of being at the beach. I love the San Diego vacation rentals opportunity because it is just so easy and quite cheap than staying in a hotel and I bet this is perfect especially if you want a private vacation with your family. I think this is a good idea and I could invite some of my in laws to come with us, I am sure they will love it!


Silly Monkey Stories: What's with the Cap?

This week on Silly Monkey Stories:

Last Sunday, my son had been watching his all time favorite show, Dora the Explorer, while waiting for us to get dressed since we will be going out again to buy groceries. When I am done dressed, I have noticed that my son was wearing a cap. Where the heck did he get the cap? It was from his dada, and hubby told me he gave it to him a couple hours ago and now he’s wearing it while watching his favorite show. What’s with the cap, though? I bet I know him so well, he hates wearing a hat or a cap. It was unusual of him to wear the hat for a very long time. So I grabbed the camera and took a snapshot of it as a part of my memory portfolio.

Then, a wonder, he poses but with a hand on his mouth. He usually had this unusual habit of touching his lips while watching TV.

Then, seconds, back to the TV....:D

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Wanted a RC SkyTrooper Military Helicopter

>> Monday, June 14, 2010

I've been into giveaways lately and winning sometimes of these fabulous prizes made me became so addicted to enter, so one of the best giveaway contest I had so far was a giveaway where you can win RC SkyTrooper Military Helicopter. I've been seeing this toy at the store and I was just so surprised of how they really fly up in the air using a remote control. My son loved it too. He always wanted to have one but of course, it was just too big for him but hubby wants one too. I know sometimes toy like this will bring out the kid in us.

If you want to join the giveaway too and try your luck, just visit the Giveaway & Review: RC SkyTrooper Military Helicopter and follow the giveaway requirements and you're in!

If you want to order and buy this R/C helicopter retails for $59.95, just visit Discovery Channel Store at any time.

For a limited time, you can receive Free Ground Shipping on U.S. orders of $59 or more when you use Code: FS59 at checkout.


Ranting about Playground Bullies

>> Sunday, June 13, 2010

It’s summer time and my family loves to be outside most of the time. We like to go to the park a lot of the time, so our one and only kid can spend time playing with other kids as well. It is the only sole moments for him to spend time with us as well as enjoying the slide and climbing at the playground. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances where playground bullies are present. My son is a good boy, and doesn't really fight back. I’m his mother and I know him so well. I spend every hour of my time with him and I know my son wasn’t born to be a bully and to be bullied. I really hate it when my son gets bullied. For some reason, the mother instinct in me rises and wants to protect and fight for him. I want to say something to my son, like "why not fight back", but, maybe he is just a good boy. Sometimes, it's just so overwhelming.

I wanted to share two events that took place at one of the playgrounds we like to go to. First, there was a young boy, maybe 3 or 4 years old. When we got to the playground, we sat by the corner where the stairs are, and soon this boy came over with his hands on his waist, asking Joshua something, but in a way that was like threatening him or something, then, he said if Joshua wants to fight? I’m like, what is this kid doing, and where does he get the nerve to do this with us parents right in front of him? He just pretends he didn’t see us or ignored us altogether. Then his dad came over to stop him and his mom just stared at us. They never even apologized.

A couple days later, at the same park, there’s a girl 3 years old who approached Joshua when Joshua was enjoying the slide alone. At first she was nice and then all of a sudden, she started pushing him and tries to hug or tug on him. It was unusual that some kids were just so over aggressive. Then, my son went to where we sit at and look stress and annoyed. So, I asked what was wrong, and this girl went after him and said they were going to go play. In front of us, she’s dragging my son and then when we were out of sight she pushes him when he tried to get away. I was a bit mad about it, so when my son came over and she was behind him, I strongly said that no pushing and no hugging because my son doesn’t like it at all. She wasn’t listening to me I guess because she was still doing it until my son decided to just leave. So, we leave the park and went home. What mischievous behavior! What's worse, all the while this was happening, the girl's mother was sitting off to the side reading a book, and not really paying any mind, as if she thought this behavior was okay or even normal! She did look up a couple times and say, "No, don't do that." but that was it. She never got up, she never gave a consequence when the girl repeated the behavior - nothing. Ridiculous! I'm sorry, but this sort of hands-off approach to parenting a 3 year old bully may be the root of the problem in the first place!

It made me angry seeing my son being bullied and to think of it as one of the worst thing that I need to deal with. I know that many children are bullied and this is mostly happening in school or playground where there are lots of children gathered around. It hurts me so much to see my son not know what to do while being bullied by other children. But of course, we can’t do anything about it but to protect our son from these senseless kids. I don’t care what people might think about me but I have a protective instinct in me and I will do my very best to stop this bullying around my kid or else everyone should suffer the consequences.


Baby Shower Decors and More!

Last month, I went to a friend’s baby shower and I was so impressed with all the decors and cute baby giveaways. All of a sudden it reminded me of my own baby shower. I thought I love baby shower parties. If we could only have a basement, I would preferably help my friends with any of their baby shower needs but unfortunately, we don’t so I couldn’t do anything but to be a guest in a party.

Anyway, when I was at the baby shower, I met couple people and I met this lady who is about 4 months pregnant. She was so excited about her own baby shower too. She already made some arrangements about it and it will be exciting. So, I shared a website to the hostess, maybe it will be a great help to her as well. This is a website where you can find wide selection of baby shower decorations. Also, it might help her even more to host future baby shower parties and plan about it ahead of time.

So, if you wanted to visit these website as well just click here to visit babshowerdecorations.net today!


Mommy Moments: Dear Dad

This week on Mommy Moments is Dear Dad.

Well, last week, I called home and after a month that I haven't talking to my parents, I spoke to my dad last weekend. It was wonderful feeling, hearing my dad over the phone for a very long time. I missed my dad so much and I'm so glad that despite the busy days we had, I still have the chance to talked to them, especially my dad. Then, after two hours of talking to them and my dad, I was very relieved from something that has been missing and it was just a chance to talk to them once again. I heard my dad was doing great and it's been a while that I haven't saying I love and miss him so much over the phone. I am not really a open spoken when it comes of how I love my parents so much but sometimes it helped me to cope up the missing parts. I think this is also the right time for me to share it with you guys. Since Father's day is approaching!

Anyway, this week, I am not going to share anything written but it is just the way my son is so into his dad. His gestures and actions tells it all.

For instance, when I said, "Give your dada a kiss", simpy,he went to his dada and kissed him on his cheek and when I asked my husband to do the same thing for me, my son eventually had doubts in mind and don't feel like doing it. So, I always conclude he loved his dada more than me! It feels so sad but sometimes he showed it in different way which sometimes makes me smile.

Also, when he heard the car coming and his dada came home from work, he got so excited and can't wait to give him dada a hug!

Some of those actions makes me think he really love his dada more than anyone else. I guess, if he could write a letter, I bet he will say how much he cherished and thankful for having him as his dad and how blessed he was! :D

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Friend's Pregnancy Adventure

Last month, I went to a friend’s baby shower and then, we talked a lot of things over there and about my friend’s pregnancy as well. Her pregnancy is not normal at all; she has to do something to help herself with her pregnancy. The first time she got pregnancy, she lost her baby for some medical issue and now they’re preventing it by doing some stitches on her cervix to close it. It might be hard for her and she told us that she was somewhat excited about giving birth soon as well.

Then, her pregnancy suffering will soon be over. It was normal, she hasn’t feel anything when her cervix was intentionally being closed but as what she told me, it is way better than taking prenatal vitamins. I hate taking prenatal vitamins too when I was pregnant. I just can’t take the smell and the taste of it.

Now, I am so excited about my friend whom going to give birth next month to a baby girl! It is going to be so exciting for her and for her husband as well.


MIL Upnorth Vacation

>> Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Last weekend, I talked to my mother in law about her recent trip and vacation last memorial day up north, somewhere at the upper peninsula of north Michigan. She told me that it was fun and yet she has some problem over with her kitchen sink again because it was leaking. Now, she has to hire somebody to fix it or maybe buy a new pipe again for the sink and I thought another problem again. As always she had problem with her cabin house up north, it seem like the house was tearing apart. I remember her undermount kitchen sink too at the kitchen, it was very old too and in need of replacement. It was white and in yellowish color. She needs to do something about that house and everything in it.

Anyway, when we were talking about her kitchen sink and its leaking pipe, she mentioned that she might replace the whole sink too. I thought I could share something to her because today we can able to find cheaper and yet durable undermount kitchen sinks at very cheaper prices. She quite agree but she wasn’t sure yet when to buy because she was waiting to get paid. So, I wish everything will be fine at her house up north.


What a Car!

When it comes to trucks and cars, I don’t have any idea but when a friend of mine drives one, I was so proud of her. I never drove a truck before but she did. When I drove with her to go to a baby shower last month, I was so surprised that her truck was just small and it only fits two people actually. I was skeptical about it since it was too little and kind as old as well. I thought she needs a new car so bad, but when she started driving it, I was relieved. It works fine and it was still in good condition when it comes to its engine. She told me that her car was old and yet her husband maintains it to be in good condition. She told me that she loved the car because of its capacity of air intake where she could save some fuel that at the same time help to conditioned its engine and horse power. I don’t have knowledge about car’s engine but this a good thing to know.


U is for USA Puzzle

On ABC Wednesday is U. U for me is for USA puzzle map

My husband bought this puzzle map for our son Josh who is now three years old. He doesn't know about the states' capital city yet but every time we played the puzzle with him, we always mentioned the cities. The thing now is he loves doing the shaping game where he could put the pieces in the exact places. It was fun and as for me, I didn't know about the capital cities of USA yet, well some of them, but so glad through this I am learning too.


Disposable Contact Lenses

>> Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Wearing a contact lens is somewhat very easy for me. I find it more satisfying because it was closer to your eye’s retina and seeing things was just like normal. I have been using contact lenses for almost a year now and so far everything was good. I find it very comforting than wearing an eyeglasses. Though, an eyeglass is necessary just in case if there are some infections or laziness to wear a contact lens which will occur to me sometimes which was not so good because we’re talking about vision’s health here. I thought being lazy was not a good attitude towards getting better healthy eyesight.

Anyway, there are a lot of contact lenses out there, some were expensive and some were just affordable. A lot of optical clinic offered discounts as well when you buy annual supply of contact lenses but sometimes, it is just too much. There are also disposable contact lenses which I never tried before. I thought of getting a new batch of contact lenses again since the supply I got was only good for six months and so now I am looking for another 6 months supply and maybe quite much different.

Well, I have found a contact lens online called focus daily where you can just wear new pair every day. It is a disposable. I think it is way healthier because you don’t need to clean them up and make sure no protein in it so you can wear them again. It is just like a good alternative too if you are traveling. I am quite sure it is the same as what I have been using right now. I will try it and let see what it is like.


Making Your Home Sing: Selling Old Stuff

I was so glad that the summer time is here and cold weather is finally over, for now. It's been a while since I was planning to sell some old clothes that I have on my closet. My husband always teases me that sooner I will have my own boutique because of the clothes, purses, and shoes I have. At first, I was thinking that he was just joking and making fun of me but then I was wrong. Some of the clothes were just not of my size anymore since I am losing some weight. So, I was thinking of maybe sale some of those clothes and donate some that aren’t sellable anymore. I think I made the right choice; I was so glad that I finally open my eyes and do some changes. I guess that’s what makes my closet sing that finally it could breathe out.

Then, after I cleaned out some of my old stuff, I went to my son’s closet; I was having a blast a couple weeks ago. I sort out some of the clothes he has and I was so surprised that he still has some clothes when he was 1 year old. It was a mess and so I thought of cleaning them out and maybe I could give to my sister for her son who soon will be turning one. After wards, I went to my husband’s closet and I have found several clothing and jeans as well that he never wears anymore but of course, I still have to ask him about it.

Last Saturday, we went to a resale boutique and donate some to the donation center. It was good to know that we don’t have that much of an extra stuff in our house. I think this is one of the best ideas that I have done so far.

Now, I’m looking forward to do more of these in the next couple months and maybe this time, I am going to our kitchen but I don’t have that much old stuff when it comes to my cooking area. So, far I am good.

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