Batteries for toys

>> Tuesday, March 30, 2010

As my son get older, we soon realized that we needed new toys as well based on his age preferences. So, my husband had fun buying new toys for him and I am so glad that he really spoiled his son with toys as well since he wasn’t always home due to his work. As a matter of fact, I was kind a not so so agree with it since he has lots of toys that sometimes I don’t buy anymore since I know hubby does. The only thing I buy for him is batteries because all his toys needed new batteries after a month, so glad that there’s $1.00 worth of coupon on buying new batteries each time that I gather from my in laws daily newspaper.

Anyway, now, he has been enjoying it and one thing I need to teach my son about is to turn off his toys when not in use. Sometimes, on toys even though they were not being played at, uses a lot of battery energy. So, I always taught him how to turn his toys off if he is not playing it and it needs a lot of reminders for a three year old. I have to do it or else in the end, I will be sorry. So go for it!


It works for you...

When my husband was once worked as a van driver to deliver signs supply and stuff, I remember when how many times he had to buy working gloves. Since he was kind a greedy when it comes to buying gloves, he was just rather buy cheaper ones and so when he came home from work, his gloves will be either ripped or gone because it ended up in a garbage. Sometimes I find some scratch or wound on his hand too due to the gloves has been ripped and it wounded him for some reason. I thought is there could be expensive and yet durable work gloves that you can buy either offline or online until I have found a website where you can find wide work gloves. I thought about it right now but it is too late because my husband already quit that job and found a new job without in need of a work gloves.
So, I think it might be for you, if you work on a job where work gloves is necessary, then this the right store for you to check out. It will help you a lot.


Free Insurance Quote Online

Looking for an affordable and reliable insurance, whether an auto, renter, health, life, business, or even cancer insurance? If you do then you might want to visit the reliable source of insurance right at one click. There are a lot of insurance and you don’t know which one is suitable on your budget, but this time, it is going to be a lot easier to find out.
All you need to do is visit Insurance QuoteUS.com and get a free quote today by choosing what type of insurance you are looking for by entering your zip code and you could save more money than what you were paying today. It is always to have insurance but it is necessary as well that we can able to save money on insurance.

So, if you need an insurance, if you need to change your current insurance? Then, get your insurance quote now and start making a difference by visiting this website prior to getting a new insurance.


Mommy Moments: Summer Days Are Here!

>> Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Spring time here in US right now and for a while rather than Summer time. I know it is quite much different of a time here than in the Philippines. I envied Philippines for having summer time during the month of April and May although since it is the month of my birthday and I can't able to go out and enjoy the summer heat.

Anyway, the summer time here in US will be on June, July, and August. I can't wait though but I like the spring time better as much as summer time because the weather is not that cold nor hot, it is in between and it is nice to go out and have fun on this kind of weather.

Anyway, I am going to share some photos of us taken last year summer time...

Here are some of the photos I took during Summer 2009, we just went out and enjoy outdoor activities like going to the zoo, going to the park, swimming, and take a stroll at the nearby bike path and enjoy the warm weather.

Taken June of 2009, the first summer month!

He loves being in the water!

And this was taken last August 2009, when we went to Connecticut, USA for a family vacation.
He's having fun being outside and enjoy his little pool...

This was last August, when we went to a zoo and pet some animals over there, I wasn't so into it but for my son is a wonderful experience...

Finally, we went to the beach in Connecticut too. We don't have a beach here in MI, they only have lakes, since Michigan was just surrounded by lakes. So, they don't have anything. When we say, ocean, it's salty, right? But here in MI, the lake is not. So, when I went to CT, and be on the beach, it was a nice experience. Being on the ocean is what I missed too being in the Philippines.

So, here he is, his first tanning, no just kidding, he was having fun playing in the sand..

Well, I guess, that's all we have last year since we only have three months of warm weather unless we moved out and to go to a warmer state.

Now, I am looking forward for more fun this summer, and I can't wait! So excited!


What causes Skin Wrinkles?

>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What was the cause of skin wrinkles? According to the health expert, skin wrinkles are caused by slow skin cells motivation, the inner skin became thin and weak. The skin beneath it became less hydrated and loses its elasticity and so the skin became saggy and forms furrows. When I took my biology and physiology class last semester, I have learned about skin too. When skin wrinkles, it is also cause by aging. When the person ages, his skin retain from moisture, sweat gland became slow and damage as the consequence, the skin became scaly and dry.

Therefore, a lot of people consider using wrinkle cream in order to help their skin to gain elasticity and helped reverse the damage caused by aging and to reduce wrinkles. I thought are these products really helpful or just make the problem worse? Well, who knows, until you tried and used one right and see if those wrinkle cream is effective or not.
Despite of it all, I think eating healthy, exercise is a good thing to do as well to keep skin healthy. I guess, drinking water is the key tool as well to a healthy, glowing skin.


ABC Wednesday: J is for JOSHUA DAVID

According to Wikipedia, Joshua means "Yehoshua," meaning "Yahweh is salvation", from the Hebrew root "salvation," "to deliver/be liberated," or "to be victorious."

My son's name is Joshua David. How I came up with his name? Well, this is the story.

My sister and I during our teen years started sharing and talking about how we will name our kids. Then, as the years went by and I could still remember the conversation we had. Then, I have heard on the news of one the TV news anchor who had the newborn baby and she named him David Joshua. I was like it was the same name that I wanted to name if I have a son and the name that my sister and I wanted to name if one of us will have the son first. Then, she got married, and I got married to a guy who has a middle name David, isn't it meant to be or what. She never had a baby yet but I already did so. So, I named my son Joshua David.

Now that Joshua David is three years old. He is learning how to spell his name. I am so glad to know about it. I wish he likes his name too.

And here's one more thing: All of our names started with the letter J, Jessie, Joel, Joshua, my mother in law is Julianna, my brother in law is Jonathan. We're the J's family and so every time we went out to eat, my mother in law always said that we are the J's table to the waiter/waitress, but it's only when the conversation started getting into names.

Here's my story and I think I should share here...


Learn more about IQ Derma

Have you ever used products from IQ Derma, if you do then you might need to know something about it. These brand names are known for their product line for body, aging, and acne treatment products. Some people had good experience using the product but to some other people it was a nightmare but what is IQ Derma really is, is it really works for you? Well, according to the iQ derma review that I have found online that IQ Derma have no ingredients listed on their product that might be helpful to determine if the product is effective or safer to use. Based on votes, IQ Derma only rated 56% which is not a good rating for effective, healthier acne treatment. So, if you are using IQ Derma and it worked out, then, share to others but if it doesn’t share your experiences as well. It is good to know so people will learn more about the product too. Your opinion is important.


Silly Monkey Stories: A Future Tiger Woods

Last Tuesday, I went to a ladies night out together with my mother and sisters in law. It was a party for just women in the family. It was fun and it was good to see them again. Also, we were so glad that one of the women, my husband's cousin was 8 weeks pregnant. Now, we're looking forward for a baby shower soon!

Anyway, when I came home from night out, I found out a new toy in the living room, so I figured out that the time I was out, they went to a toy store. They bought a golf set toy and now my son was acting he was Tiger Woods although he haven't seen him yet and even knowing him. I thought oh boy, he was going to play golf and will learn to love it as he grew older, who knows?

Well, he was playing with it at home in our living room and I took some pictures of him as well.
He's learning it little by little, step by step...hubby showed him how to....so when I came home, he showed me how to play it as well..

Showing mama how to...

He got cheer up when he did shoot the ball...

And he's done!

If you have silly monkey stories to share, you can join too!


Colon Cleanse

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

Do you know that another way to lose weight is to enhance the capability of your metabolism to digest food? Metabolism is what most people talking about when it comes to losing weight. Some people has a fast metabolism therefore they are eventually slim and fit whereas some people has slow metabolism and that’s where they gain weight and started to feel tired and stressed out. Therefore, colon cleansing is really helpful to develop healthy metabolism and it could help those people who has problem with digestion and even metabolism cycle. There’s a lot of ways to get colon cleanser, you can search it online and find what colon cleanser is right for you. So get benefit of using colon cleanse effective way to get and stay healthy and to eliminate toxic materials inside your body. So, get rid of your body weight by colon cleansing.


Be Knowledgeable about Acne Pills

>> Sunday, March 21, 2010

What do you think about acne pills? Is it really safe to take? Or it is just like some other pills out there that have some side effects? Whatever it might be, we will never know until we tried them. I never used an acne pills yet just to get rid of acne, I always use external medicine to treat acne but to take it internally, well, I was kind a into doubt about the idea. It might be safer and effective to some people but who knows its side effects. Therefore, it is always necessary to go online and join an organization where you can read customer reviews, opinion, expert’s thoughts about certain best acne pills in the market today. It is also helpful since most acne pills is quite cost a lot of money, that is why, I will always recommend to visit reviews and research online to find the best acne pills and safer to take.

If you are among of the people out there who wanted to take an acne pills but don’t know which one to get? Well, just visit and search review website where you can find help and information about certain acne pills. It is always important to be knowledgeable than being too late.


Best Acne Treatments Ever

>> Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is my personal experience, I have been using two facial cleaner since I came here in US since they never had the facial cleanser that I used to use when I was still in the Philippines. So, I need to find one that will make my skin get used to it and be comfortable with it. I find an Olay facial cleanser but it never eliminate my acne at that time. It was just for a while but when I missed using it, it will come back the next day. So, I had to switch. My sister shared to me her facial cleanser. It is a Biore facial cleanser. They costs more than Olay but it was all worth it. I think I would consider Biore as one of the best acne treatments that I used.

So, whenever I buy a facial cleanser, a facial lotion moisturizer, night serum boost, and facial strips, I always choose Biore. Thankful enough that I have found the brand that not only help my skin restore its healthy skin but also it helps me to find valuable cleanser that I can afford. I was so glad and I always share it to others.

It always the best to help others by experiences.


I is for Internet

This week on ABC Wednesday is I. I is for Internet. Internet is quite a necessity today because without it, I don't know what will happen. The last time that our Internet connection was dropped was last Monday, I was never been to Internet ever since. Every time I have tried to logged in and connect to the Internet, it never worked out. I always get a message limited connectivity or local only. I feel so frustrated since it is too slow and it never worked out. I thought the problem is our computer but it wasn't.

So, I had to come over to my mother in law to use her computer for a while and do my blogging assignments quickly before I get run out of time. It was so frustrating, I wanted to get back on our old Internet connection, but I can’t do something about it. It is just a free wifi though here in our area where we can find hot spot but you know, it is free so why not used it.

We only have a laptop and getting an Internet connection from Comcast or any Internet network is kind a waste of money, if there’s a wifi hotspot available then use it. But this time, I was thinking that we might need an Internet broadband connection because it was always happening now and my husband's work is online too. I hope our Internet will get back soon, so I can get online whenever I want to. It’s already been three days now that we don’t have an Internet. I missed being online, and I guess, I now realized that I can’t live without Internet. It sounds so funny but it is true and I rather have Internet than TV....

Oh well..let see what will happen....


Helpful Technology of Today

When we went for a vacation last year, we stayed at a friend’s house for a week. When we were there I have found out that her husband really like technology and computer stuff, sort of electronics as well. He has play station, two computers, laptop, and even a flat HDTV and even a sound system.

I thought that all kind of stuff in the house will absolutely need a multi-user KVM switch and I was right. They have a single kvm switch were it is useful when there’s more than two or more cords is needed to plugged in. So, when we came home from out trip, I told my husband about it and I shared to him of what I had been thinking about these switches.

Switches are really helpful at homes or office use since if there's an emergency occur, it is safer because it will automatically turned off your computer, or game consoles. So, if you want to check them out today and learn more about KVM switches just visit this link.


Need a Car...

>> Saturday, March 13, 2010

When my husband goes to work early morning and I wanted to sleep and enjoy more of it when he needed to be driven at his work and dropped him off, then after I have to pick him up after work and went home or go to my school, then he will then drive the car and vice versa. I get tired of this daily routine and I wanted to get my own car this time. I just rather stay home now and just wait for him until he came home from work then I can use the car. I wish I could able to get a loan and get my own car but I don’t have a job right now and my credit was not that good too.

So, I wish there’s a bad credit auto loans that I could get so I could able to get a car and just go with life every day. I couldn’t afford to get a new car but if I find a job and then wait, it is going to take forever. Well, I wish we could do something about it soon or else I will be out a here in US. It is too tired here if you don’t have a car since you can’t go anywhere unless you take a bus or cab.

Well, I guess I have to do something about it….


Mommy Moments: Cars and Josh

On this week for Mommy Moments topic is: Cars and Kids.

mommy moments

I have one story to tell about my son's first time addiction with toys. It happened last November 14, 2009 on my mother in law's birthday party. All her grand kids were there from the oldest to the youngest. My son is the youngest grandchild in the family then followed by Ethan who is about 3 years older than him. Ethan loves to play cars too and he had these tons of cars from his back pack then started playing with it at one of the party table. My son saw it and began getting along with Ethan and they started playing together. All the people at the party were already having fun, when my son was still on the table where there are tons of cars around. He was still there after an hour, two, three and four hours sitting, paying no attention whatsoever around him. He was so into cars and I thought my son really loves car toys.

So, last Christmas and on his birthday, he got lots of car toys as a gift. I couldn't even remember which one is his. I could even saw them everywhere in our house now, at the kitchen, under his bed, at his closet, at the living room, and even in the bathrooms. I was so not into it because I'm the one picking up those lost cars but he loves it, so I will have to learn to love them as well.

Among of his favorite are remote controlled race cars:

Then, he got more car toys last birthday:

The, here's Josh with his car toys again...


Dental Visit

A couple of weeks ago, we went to my son’s dental appointment for the third time, hence it was his first time actually on this pediatric dental office. I thought it was just the same old, old dental clinic we had been before but I was wrong. It was way more fun since they actually had a play station where kids can play while waiting for their appointments. I thought this is a nice play and my son get easily get into it until his appointment, you know what I mean. He hates having his teeth clean due to those cleaning stuff they had which probably irritates his teeth or something.

Anyway, when we were done, since this is our first time being their patient, they gave us some thank you gifts but actually it is some of their promotional products like pen, balloons, mug, and some magnets. It was nice of them since they also gave us some free stuff such as toothpaste and toothbrush. So, I thought this is going to be my son’s future dental office and I would truly recommend them.

So, now we will wait for another year for check up and always looking forward to that and I hope my son too….


ABC Wednesday: Grapes Varieties

>> Friday, March 05, 2010

The letter for this week on ABC Wednesday is G. G for me is Grapes. My husband loves grapes too but one thing is he wanted when it comes to eating grapes, a white Concord grapes. I still vividly remember when I was younger, I always wanted to eat grapes but my family can’t afford to buy a lot of them, so we only ate what we have only for special occasions such as Christmas and New Year. It was way back when I was still in the Philippines. So, when I came here, I get tired of it. I would say, I was burned of eating too much grapes.

Do you know that there are a lot of characteristics of grapes? According to University of Minnesota, grapes can grow in almost any part of Minnesota if varieties adapted to our cold, dry winters and short growing season are chosen.

The following is a partial list of varieties. These varieties were chosen because of their winter hardiness and/or quality.

Aurore - early ripening and fairly hardy white wine grape, growers were disappointed with its mediocre wine quality and susceptibility to both black rot and splitting at harvest time.

Beta - Beta’s popularity arose from extreme hardiness and acceptable juice and jelly quality. At present, there are newer varieties (such as Valiant) which may be as hardy and are certainly higher in quality. Beta wine tends to be quite poor, but jelly is very flavorful.

Bluebell - is currently being rediscovered by growers and nurseries. It is recommended for those interested in a high quality labrusca-type grape for fresh eating, juice, or jelly. It has sufficient hardiness to be left on the trellis over winter in the southern half of the state. Bluebell is resistent to most diseases.

Canadice - this is a relatively new, pink, seedless variety from the New York State Experiment Station at Geneva, New York, worthy of trial (with winter protection), but not an outstanding performer to date.

Concord - is the most widely planted grape east of the Rockies, and it popular in Minnesota, too. Although considered “very hardy” in other states, it is not dependably hardy in Minnesota. These facts, together with its late ripening date, make it a relatively poor choice for our area. Alternatives include Bluebell, Fredonia, Van Buren, and Worden.

De Chaunac - is a French hybrid wine variety that has made some palatable red wines in Minnesota. Although a heavy yielding cultivar, it is not grown as extensively as Foch or Millot, primarily because the latter two are earlier ripening. De Chaunac has a large cluster and should be cluster thinned to avoid overcropping.

Edelweiss - is a large-clustered, white variety that has good quality as a table grape as long as it is picked promptly. When completely ripe its labrusca flavor becomes too strong for many palates. Edelweiss is also sometimes used for wine, but again, it should be harvested early. This variety has proven to be less than reliably hardy in central Minnesota, so winter mulching is recommended. Its young shoots tend to be unusually brittle so extra care is needed when tying these vines.

Elvira - is a white variety of Vitis labrusca and Vitis riparia parentage. While it is hardy enough to be grown without winter protection on good sites in Minnesota, Elvira’s wine has a foxy flavor and is frequently acidic.

Esprit - is a relatively new white wine variety developed locally by Elmer Swenson. To date, late ripening and marginal hardiness have discouraged widespread planting.

Marechal Foch - This French hybrid grape is the most widely grown variety in Minnesota and has frequently produced some good quality red wines. In addition to being very early ripening, Foch is one of the hardiest French hybrids. Unfortunately, in Minnesota it still requires winter protection for consistent cropping. The small black berries can be very attractive to birds and in a rich soil this vine can frequently have excess vigor. As its clusters are small, it should not be pruned severely.

Fredonia - is a blue labrusca table grape. It is similar to Concord except that it is earlier ripening, has larger berries, and its quality is a bit lower. In Minnesota, it should be laid down each winter for good production.

Himrod - this variety from Geneva Experiment Station in New York State is a white seedless table grape descended from the familiar Thompson Seedless cultivar. Although its flavor is outstanding, Himrod’s berries tend to be small and its clusters are frequently straggly. It is particularly vulnerable to winter injury.

Kay Gray - is one of the Swenson varieties widely planted in our region in recent years. Its virtues include early ripening, low acid levels, disease resistance, and good winter hardiness. On the negative side, its clusters tend to be small, and winemakers have sometimes experienced difficulty making Kay Gray into a high quality wine.

La Crosse - has shown the potential to make some pleasant wines that reflect its Seyval parentage. The vines should be covered for best results.

Leon Millot - is a sister seedling of Foch and is very similar to it in many ways. By comparison, Millot is slightly earlier ripening, more susceptible to powdery mildew, less hardy, and may make a higher quality red wine.


Graduation Parties

At my school, I have heard about news of the upcoming graduation day that would be a big event for everybody because there will be more people graduating this year than of last year. I’m not graduating yet but this is my aim to do in the near future. There will be still more years for me but hopefully, I could able to graduate and attain the career that I was dreaming about.

Anyway, after I heard about this news, I thought it could be the most memorable day of those graduates since after hard work and striving hard to pass their classes, now they were done. It is going to be a big party too. A lot of people send graduation invitations to throw big parties when it comes to college graduation since this is the highest level of attainment that people can get as far as college education.

Well, I wish I could able to throw my own party someday and enjoy looking for my dream job afterwards.


Silly Monkey Stories: Beary Talkative Monkey

This week on the Silly Monkey Stories, it is about my son who got a new stuff toy again from his Nana. Last weekend, my husband together with our son went to his mother's house for a visit. So, when they came back, my son got a new stuff toy from his Nana, it was a nice soft fur and sparkly polar bear. I asked him where did he get it, then he told me, it's from Nana.

I was so surprised since now he can able to make a sentence when he;s trying to say something. Then, I asked him again about what is he going to name the bear as what he named his monkey Abu. Then, he replied, it's a polar bear, and I asked him again, and he asked me instead, what name is this bear? He so funny and silly sometimes. He always throws back the questions we asked and then if we answer, that's where he knew what to answer next time we asked him again. I can't believe how active his long term memory too.

Now, he is so into his new stuff toy and I guess this time he is done with Abu (Monkey) although, once in a while he always look for Abu but it is not the same as before. So, I asked him to make a pose with his new toy and let me take his pictures. Then, he sat down on the chair and ready for the shot...


Florida for Easter

I envied my husband’s sisters and their families since they were planning and going to Florida for Easter. I really wanted to go but it is only for a week that I will have a spring break and if we will go there, we don’t have much time to spend it with them as well. I wish I was not at school this semester so that I could go and visit my father in law as well. Unfortunately, we can’t go this time because of my schooling. I wish we could have some vacation this year as well and find some Florida rentals vacation too for cheaper prices or else we could just stay at my father in law’s house. I really wanted to go so that I could visit a long time friend as well.

Anyway, maybe this year wasn’t meant to be for us to go to Florida, but maybe it is meant to be to go to the Philippines, instead.
Well, let see what will happen…


Mommy Moments: First Aid Tips

>> Thursday, March 04, 2010

This week on Mommy Moments topic is: First Aid Tips.

mommy moments

This topic was so interesting and I have decided to visit all the entries for this week meme since it is somewhat so helpful, especially when you can learn from other mommies out there the best thing for first aid rescue.

I have some couple tips that I actually learn from my own mom. It was just a simple first aid but I think it is a good idea as well when there's no medicine available.

Here are some of the tips I still treasure:

1. If the wound never stops bleeding, it is helpful to put gasoline in it. I experienced the healing as well using gas. I remembered when a plate dropped right on the middle toe on my foot and then it never stopped bleeding. My mom put a gas on it and it somewhat calms the wound and then it stopped bleeding. If gas wasn't available, apply direct pressure with towel or gauze until bleeding is stopped. Clean minor cuts with Hydrogen Peroxide. Apply antibiotic ointment and band-aid.

2. If burnt, always put petroleum jelly. It is more effective than toothpaste since it stopped the blusters and redness. Treat minor burns with cool water or cool compress. If there is blistering, seek referral for evaluation of injury. Antiseptic sprays containing Benzocaine may provide temporary relief. For large burns, go to emergency facility.

3. Sprains - Apply ice immediately to swelling, and off and on for next 48 hours. Seek referral for evaluation of injury. Ibuprofen may relieve pain and inflammation. Elevate extremities where swelling is present. Compression with elastic bandage may be helpful.

4. Bug Bites/Stings - Apply ice immediately. Remove stinger if visible. Apply antihistamine cream to site. Take 25 mg Benedryl by mouth. Elevate if sting is on leg or arm. Go to emergency facility for breathing difficulty or extreme swelling.

5. Rash/Poison Ivy - Wash area with antibacterial soap. Try not to scratch. Apply antihistamine cream or hydrocortisone cream to rash. Wash hands after applying. Take Benedryl by mouth to relieve itching. If not improved in 24 hours, seek referral for medical treatment.

6. Colds/Congestion/Sore Throat – Increase cold fluid consumption. Take decongestant product for congestion according to label. Use throat lozenges if needed according to directions on label. Take Tylenol for headache, fever, or pain. Seek medical referral if symptoms do not improve in 48-72 hours or if fever over 102 degrees F, stiff neck or repeated vomiting occur.

7. Vomiting – Take small sips of ginger ale, weak tea, Sprite, or ice chips every 5-10 minutes. Emetrol liquid may ease nausea—take as directed on label. Once liquids are tolerated without vomiting, try crackers, toast, bananas, applesauce, rice or clear soups for the next 24 hours. If tolerated, work up to a bland diet (no fried foods, fatty foods or roughage) and then back to a normal diet. If vomiting is persistent or accompanied by a fever over 102 degrees F or stiff neck, go to emergency room.

8. Diarrhea – Try Kaopectate or Immodium—follow directions on label. Stay on liquid diet until condition improves. If tolerated, work up to a bland diet (avoid fried foods, fats and roughage) over the next 24 hours, and then go back to normal diet.

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