What Can a Monitored Home Alarm System Do For You?

>> Wednesday, April 23, 2014

While no home or business is going to be 100 percent protected from a break-in, there are many things people can do to protect their properties. For homeowners, easy things you can do include installing double locks on all doors, locking screen doors, locking windows and keeping them down, and discouraging thieves by keeping blinds and curtains closed - after all, if a thief can't see what's in your house, he or she will be less likely to break in. Also, strongly consider installing a home security system. By securing your home with an alarm system, you'll be reducing the chances that your home is broken into. Furthermore, many alarm systems can provide other valuable services which can further protect your home - such as immediately dispatching fire rescue if a fire alarm is triggered; or dispatching rescue services if someone in the home presses a medical panic button.

Additional services a home security monitoring service and system can provide include:

Monitoring for fire or carbon monoxide. Fire can spread quickly and cause thousands of dollars in damage; but carbon monoxide can often kill faster than the smoke from a fire will. Carbon monoxide is completely odorless, so without an alarm there is no way of knowing that your home is filling with it until you become ill - and by then it might be too late. Choose an alarm system that includes alarms for both fire and carbon monoxide. Entry & Exit tracking: Want to know who's coming and going? For home businesses especially, keeping track of how many times entrances are used can help you manage employee theft or fraud related to logged hours. Monitoring for water spills: If you have a large water tank or a spa or in-ground pool, leaks are a very real concern. Some alarm systems can provide monitoring that will alert you if a water spill is detected.

With many versatile alarm systems available, and 24/7 monitoring available for all types of alarm systems, there's no reason why you shouldn't act now to protect your home or business.



The Electric Slide

>> Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Electric Slide (Infographic) | Where Americas Energy Goes

Presented by Americantrainco.com

 (I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review/ endorsement purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience in accordance with the FTC guidelines in regards of product endorsements and affirmation in terms of advertising.)



Getting top quality brands of tools

>> Wednesday, February 26, 2014

If you do not have the tools that you need in order to finish the projects that you have undertaken this season, then you owe it to yourself to replenish your toolbox with the absolute best equipment that you can afford. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to settle for second rate tools this season. If you look online in the right places, you will be able to create the toolbox of your dreams on a budget.

EliteToolboxes.com is among one of the best places online to price out tools that you may need for a project. As a matter of fact, you may end up making the entire purchase on the website itself. You can often find much lower prices online because of the following factors:

One – Online stores have much less overhead. They are able to pass along the savings of less human resource use on to the customer.

Two – Online tool stores do not have to hold entire inventories. This creates more room for marketing and less overhead as well. They are able to get the word out to more people and become more of a volume dealer than a local storefront. This allows them to charge less money for individual tools as well.

Three – Because online stores can order tools from from many other places, they can give you the exact tools that you need. Making purchases in bulk will help you to save money because of the volume that you will be helping the store to move without having to actually hold the inventory.

When you make large purchases online, you help to grease the wheels of commerce from the manufacturer to the supplier all the way to the retailer. The higher volume that these parties can create for themselves, the less money that they have to charge you, the customer, for holding inventory and selling tools one at a time.

Do not settle for less when it comes to replenishing your toolbox this season. Go online and create the best situation for yourself by dealing with companies that have figured out how to sell top-notch tools for less. Use the resources that you have online and make sure that your garage looks like a true professional lives there.



Benefits of Children's Theater

Enrolling children in a children’s theater could result in a variety of benefits for children. Plus, there are numerous children’s theaters all around the nation, such as the walnut creek children's theater. In children’s theaters, children can learn valuable skills that they can channel into every aspect of their lives.


Children’s theaters allow children the opportunity to be creative and to express themselves. It helps them develop minds of their own, which helps them become better leaders in the future. Creative thinking is what fosters the invention of new ideas that are used to make the world a better place.


Children’s theater helps children build their confidence levels. By requiring children to get up in front of others to speak and act early on, children become more comfortable with being in front of large groups of people in their early years. This is definitely a skill that will come in handy later on down the road. Many adults still suffer from a fear of speaking in front of their peers, but those who were enrolled in children’s theaters as children might find the task easier than those that weren’t.


It is crucial for all people to develop their teamwork skills. Enrolling children in children’s theater will help them build their teamwork skills early on since they must collaborate and communicate with others in the theater troupe to achieve a common goal.

Children’s theater is not only a fun activity for many children, but it is one that could prove useful to them later on in life. Enrolling children in children’s theater has a variety of disadvantages.



Can We Talk?

Last month, when we went to Castaway Bay for a weekend getaway, my daughter had been so excited, you can tell by the look on her eyes. She is also very expressive when things getting so enjoyable and I could tell she was having fun being at the indoor water park. Sometimes, she would just touch everything that was new to her, especially the hotel room's telephone.

Since we don't have the traditional home phone at home because we only uses mobile phones, she never seen one. So, when we were at the hotel room, she was having a blast. Once in a while, I will caught her pretending talking to someone else on the other line. She would talk endlessly. I even took a video of her. She was so precious. She was only two years old but she is totally a very adventurous and smart.

By the way,  I also took some pictures of her while acting as if she was ordering some food through the telephone. And she would say, hello and good bye at the end of the conversation. It is just some memorable moments of her being at this age. She was so cute!



How to Make your Puppy to get used to a Playpen

>> Tuesday, February 18, 2014

If you've ever had an energetic puppy, you know what a handful they can be at times. Puppy playpens are useful, not only for keeping puppy from getting underfoot, but also for their own safety. Puppy playpens are portable, adjustable enclosures that are open at the top and bottom. They provide security when you can't provide supervision for very young dogs; they also help your puppy to feel more secure and learn to spend time alone. You can find a great puppy playpen for sale from a variety of manufacturers, suppliers and private individuals.

There are steps to getting your puppy used to their playpen. First, you should equip the playpen with a few essentials: a food dish, water dish, a mat or puppy bed and one or two toys; the toys would be rotated occasionally to keep the puppy from getting bored with them. before you leave the room or your home, and leave your puppy alone for the first time, do a few trial runs to get them accustomed to the space.

Take the puppy for a short walk outside. After you return home, place the puppy in the enclosed area with a chew toy. leave the room for a short period of time, usually five minutes or so at first, and then let him out of the space in a matter-of-fact way, so he or she begins to view this as a normal routine. Increase the length of time until you are able to go out of the home for short periods without causing the puppy anxiety.



Castaway Bay: Cedar Point's Indoor Waterpark Resort Adventure

Living in the Midwest, sometimes takes a lot of patience, especially when you want to go out, enjoy an outdoor activities, go to the beach, to the park, to enjoy of what the nature could bring and just the fun of being outside of our house even, but can't due to the bitter cold weather. Thankful enough that indoor water park is available these days because then you can just enjoy the essence of beach like activities despite the weather temperature.

The Castaway Bay's Wave Pool with 100,000-gallon wave pool that generates 3-foot-tall waves.

So, when we had a chance to experience the Caribbean getaway at Castaway Bay located in Sandusky, Ohio last month, I never hesitated to go and drive for almost two hours because it's all worth it. Our kids had so much fun and doesn't even want to leave the place. When we got there, our room is exceptional. I like the idea of having a patio, but it just always reminds me of how cold it is outside. But, thankful enough to the facility that despite the coldness of the weather, Castaway Bay understands.

At the toddler pool area

Anyway, my family loves the toddler pool, my 2 year old even had so much fun. My seven years old, rocks the wave pool. He surely had a blast. Now, were looking forward to go back again this summer, hopefully! And the rooms starts at just $99 (on select dates) which is all worth it.  Also, they have 2-night specials and Fun Times family package at very reasonable prices as well which perfect for those who are on a budget.

Castaway Bay's trademark: a 1,000 gallon tipping bucket that drenches every 2 minutes!

Therefore, if you are planning to have a sweet escape with the rest of your family without overspending. Just visit Castaway Bay, one of the Cedar Point's Indoor Waterpark Resort that will leave you speechless! If you live in the area or nearby Sandusky, Ohio or at around Michigan. Then, Castaway Bay is what you were looking for. A perfect place where the whole family can enjoy and have some good time.

At the Lookout Lagoon Family Funhouse. I love this part of the water park!
Are you getting excited now just by reading my post?

Oh, but wait!

For those who are looking for some great adventure and fun-filled family getaway this winter or this coming spring season, Castaway Bay together with A Momma's Journal will be giving away four (4) Indoor Waterpark Day Passes to one (1) lucky winner! So watch out for my giveaway soon!

My son's favorite place! Of course, nothing beats the deliciousness of sweet treats and desserts! Yum!

These are some of the great features of Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark has to offer. Since we have small children, we were only being able to enjoy the area where small kids were allowed.  But, if you have young adults, young teenagers and boys, no worries, Castaway Bay has tons of great slides and big fun activities awaits for them. Castaway Bay is what you were looking for, for an adrenaline rush and yet exciting adventure, to the most fun filled activities for the whole family! To learn more you can visit Castaway Bay through the following links:

Or call for reservation: (419) 627-2106

Don't forget to check out their specials page for the latest deals too!

 (I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review/ endorsement purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience in accordance with the FTC guidelines in regards of product endorsements and affirmation in terms of advertising.) 



Promotional Products in a Variety of Places

>> Monday, January 27, 2014

Promotional items have always been a great way to offer current or potential customers a novel way to remember you or your company. They're used by everyone from healthcare practitioners to PTAs as a means of drumming up support and creating portable advertising. In the past, promotional products have been created out of everyday, useful items, such as desk and wall calenders, pens, refrigerator magnets, and apparel. These items put the name and contact information for a company in a place where it will be seen on a daily basis and by a number of people. Companies that craft and sell promotional items for businesses are becoming more creative in the ways that they can offer cost-effective solutions that will work within a company's marketing budget and provide even greater use for the customers and others who receive them. Products that are very popular right now are:

Health and fitness-related products, such as pocket monitors and portable exercise aids
Travel items, such as alarm clocks and beverage containers
Children's products that promote such things as safety and healthy eating habits
Kits that contain everything from toiletries to over-the-counter seasonal medications
T-shirts, hoodies and other apparel

You can shop for promotional products in a variety of places. Sports franchises and other brands often have promo products available right on their website. Other types of products are available on websites that specialize in creating and selling promotional items for everything from neighborhood businesses to local charities to International corporations.



Peppa Pig Fun

When we bought the used table and chairs for our kids, we noticed that our daughter definitely love to color. She must be just copying her big brother when it comes to coloring and drawing, but I'm glad that she's into things like this. She also likes to make stories when playing. So, we bought her Peppa Pig in Peek 'n Surprise Playhouse Playset. The The playhouse opens up to reveal four floors of play space, including a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. The playhouse comes with more than 18 play pieces, including two articulated figures (Peppa and George).

The play pieces include plenty of little surprises that add realistic fun to the Playhouse – a washing machine that flips to reveal clean clothes, a fridge that opens up to reveal food, a barbecue that flips for different meals, a bathtub that flips to reveal bubbles and more. The pieces conveniently store inside the house. It's so cute and so I noticed myself playing with it too.

Since She loves it and I enjoy watching her play with it. This product lets her use her imagination and she loves playing with characters that she knows from cartoon show. She really enjoys it and shows it off to everyone, too!



The Ultimate Entertainment

>> Saturday, January 25, 2014

My husband and I loved to watch movies during our spare time. The only relaxation time that we can have, after busy days at work and school. Having kids can't able us to go out with friends anymore, anytime as we want to. Therefore, when we had the money, we never hesitated to buy a new TV fo
r our basement living room. A TV where we can able to watch our favorite movies by the touch of a button. It reminds me when my favorite movies came out and I was waiting to death for the next episodes of Twilight series because I love Kristen Stewart. She's amazingly beautiful and very talented. And she's getting more fantastic in the next movies series of these movies as well together with Robert Pattinson. In fact, I've been watching her other movies as well, the Snow white and the Huntsman, she's so incredible on that movie. I'm sure on the next sequel of this movie, I'm all in!

Anyway, we also love the idea that we can able to rent movies online too. There are a lot of TV cable these days that offered such deal but none of them beats the idea of having cable and internet for a lowest price possible, while enjoying the benefits of live TV streaming, most HD shows and movies and even online access on watching shows and movies through your smart phone or tablet, thanks to the best Time Warner Internet that through the use of Wi-Fi everything is magical!

And It's very convenient for us as well, since its accessible and way cheaper to rent movies especially those new released movies on either SD and HD version. Since we have a smart TV, we can even rent 3D movies! How cool is that! No wonder our kids love to watch movies as well, especially when kids movies are also accessible and available all the time. My kids love to watch kids shows and thankful enough that we can also record shows at any time and play it every time. No miss of favorite shows and no hassle as well.

Fortunately, we're lucky enough to have Time Warner Cable to make everything so easy and affordable for us, especially for family with kids. Who doesn't love the idea of watching your favorite shows and movies on TV, right at the comfort of your own home? I'm sure everyone right? That is why, you don't want to miss any of these valuable opportunities as well to experience the ultimate entertainment. So visit, timewarnercableoffers.com today, to learn more!



Family Getaway

Last weekend, my family went to a family getaway not far from where we lived. Since I received a free over night stay opportunity to be once again experienced the indoor water park vacation, why not, right? So, we drove for almost three hours to get there.

Good thing the weather wasn't so bad as I thought it would be. And the good thing is, we left the house at around 9 in the morning and arrived at the place at around 10 minutes before 11 am! It was fun! We hang out at the place for a while and then decided to go to the water park to explore the place for a long time before the blogger event took place at around 5pm where dinner began. Then, the family activities starts at around 6pm. Then, by 9 pm, there's also an event for blogger moms only.

 So, watch out for my upcoming review about this water park and maybe join my giveaway as well for a chance to win 4 (four) tickets day passes for the water park which valued $25 each! A great opportunity for you as well to experience the wonder of fun inside the water park and get away with this frigid weather to 82F temperature!



Drug Treatment Centers on Demand

>> Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What is demand and supply in Economics? Demand is the quantity of goods, services, products, etc. while Supply means the available commodities in the market that are available in the market. So, when there's more demand, it means one thing, there's a tendency that supply is much needed as well in order to meet the demand. I was talking about this due to the fact that when it comes to drugs sellers and drugs users, it is getting all in stockpile. As a matter of fact, one of the state in the US, even legalized it. I don't know what it's going to happen in the future of this state and even US, but no matter what it is going to be, hopefully it is for the best of everyone. And not for the worst.

When worst possible strikes, I hope there is also an answer. Though, drug addiction has been the main problem of the society for years when dealing with drug dependence. When the supply of drug addiction increases, the supply of Drug addiction treatment centers is increasing as well. One of the best drug treatment centers now here in North America is the Advanced Heath and Education. You must have heard a lot of drug treatment centers, but mostly it is all the way to the West coast. Who would travel there for a treatment, if you live all the way to the opposite side of the state?

Good thing, now NJ drug treatment centers are available for all who need addiction treatment. Drug and alcohol treatments that surely will bring brand new life to those who had been in the dark for a long time. Addiction is cruel and toxic, but it is curable.  With a proper education of how to deal with addiction, it is possible to overcome it. The new jersey drug and alcohol treatment centers offer this education program to help people of how to cope up with addiction and fight it!

It's not the end of the world yet. Life is too short to live life unwanted, useless and distressing. If you need more answers, need help, call now or visit nj drug treatment centers today!



Skin Red Patches: What it is?

>> Saturday, January 11, 2014

Two days ago, I was quite alarmed of where and how my son got his skin rashes. I suspect that it was last Thursday morning when he developed it, but I really didn't take a look at it, knowing it could be just the way he was slept in this morning. Then, by yesterday morning, it was all over her cheeks now and it was overwhelming. Then, I asked my sis in law about it and she didn't really sure what it is, so I Google search about it and this is what I've found. It could be the cause of soaps, detergents, shampoos, perfumes, cosmetics, or lotions. As far as I could remember, I only changed the laundry soap. But I'm certain it could be the laundry soap.

So, I look for more and I thought it could be a chronic skin problem, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, or seborrheic dermatitis but as I compare pictures of what my son has, none of them were the same. So, I thought it could be just caused by severe dryness, cold weather; extremely cold weather (cold rash); and emotional stress. Well, I don't know if my son were stress but as I have found out that sometimes emotions such as frustration or embarrassment may lead to an itchy rash. That's good to know, though. But, my son's were not itchy at all because I asked him. And I can tell if it is, then, he would definitely scratch it like crazy.

Well, here are some of the pictures I took from both of my son's cheeks. They look like a heat rash to me. So, all I did was to put some hydro-cortisone in it and sometimes letting it to heal on its own is a good way to consider than taking and applying medication that just might end up irritating it, instead. So, I will wait for a day or two. But now, it looks better. It just now look like some red patches. Then, when my husband came home from work, he told me he has some too on his hands. I thought it could be the weather and dryness and maybe the laundry soap, too.



What is Reed?

If you play clarinet, you might know what Reed is. Reed is a two and a half inch long, wafer thin piece of cane which used for clarinet to play good tone and sound. A lot of clarinet users, prefer reeds based on brands since they have their own preferences when it comes to finding quality reed products.

Reeds also comes in different strength as they called it. Meaning the strength ranges from 1 to 5 which means 1 is the softest and 5 is the hardest, which means it produces a heavy, thicker, and fuller sound while the soft gives a player to play the instrument easily while producing brighter and lighter sound.

There are a lot of stores that sell wide selection of clarinet reeds, and it's up to you what level of strength you may need. As we all know some of these brands were famous and one of them is the vandoren clarinet reeds at Musicians Friend which is mostly recommended by many.



Thriftiness sometimes Works Best!

Last month when my son was out of school for two weeks, he eventually got bored and wanted to do something. So, we offered both of them, something to do, like maybe coloring and drawing. They love it, but not me. Since there's nothing else to do it, than to be at our dining table. Sometimes, they wanted to color before the dinner gets ready. And in order for me to get the dinner's ready, is for them to be out at the dining table, so I could able to prepare the meal. Well, I find it okay for several days, but I get so tired of it, so I thought we might need some new table and chairs for my kids.

We searched and looked online, to no avail, we couldn't find something cheaper under $100 maybe. A made of wood table and chairs and of course, sturdy and nice. So, then I in search it through the use of swap where buying and selling stuff were going on. And that's where I've found these table and chairs for cheap! It looked nice for only $40. Then, when we went to pick it up. It was all nicer than I expected, it has one big table and it comes with four chairs. It just needs some minor cleaning and that's it. I love it and it's a huge table and chairs too for kids! My kids love it and so am I! So perfect table for them to do what they want to do! Coloring, do arts, drawing, read books and even my ate their snacks in it.

Well, sometimes, used table and chairs is what we need in order to save money. Because they outgrow it and buying it in a full price is indeed a waste of money. Thriftiness sometimes works best, you know!



A Birthday Gift

>> Friday, January 10, 2014

Last weekend, my family went to a toy store to look for something interesting for my son. Since my husband's family love to play instruments, hubby thought this time he could get a guitar for our son. I didn't even say anything, knowing that my son love to play instruments too. He owned a piano and drum already, so having a new guitar can be quite interesting.

Yet, I was quite skeptical. But, got an idea of getting him a kohala exclusive soprano ukulele at guitar center instead. I think that would be a good alternative for my son to play with. It's not that complicated compare to a traditional guitar plus it also small in size which I'm sure not hard for my son to play with. Well, hubby was kind a agreeing my point of view.

Somehow, my son rather wants to get some fun building toys to play with, instead. Maybe someday he will love to play Ukelele or a real guitar. But as of now,  he will rather get something else. However, I'm sure he will be interested with this one someday. So, I will keep it in mind next year for his next birthday.



Fun Toys for Josh!

Today marked the day of Josh's 7th birthday! He has been growing so fast and also learning new things and ways to do things on his own. I can't believe it of how time went by so fast that I couldn't even imagine that I already have a big boy soon!

Well, actually Josh missed his school today. So I wasn't able to make some cookies and some loot bags for his classmates at school. He developed some skin rush right on both of his cheek. I don't know what it is. But, when my husband came home from work today, I noticed he has some of the same rush as well. I thought it might be the weather? Or the laundry soap. I don't know why but it is seemed weird.

Anyway, after hubby came home. We still decided to do some errands. We went to buy some groceries and then went to Toys R US again to buy Joshua some new toys. As far as I could remember we went there last weekend to get Josh a birthday gift, it was an Angry Birds Go! Jenga Trophy Cup Challenge Game ($19.99 ARV, now on sale for $14.99, Toys R Us.com). Then, I also bought him some stuff like a drawing pad (target brand) and a Crayola colored pencils. Also, his papa(grandpa) bought him a new Wii game: Club Penguin Game Day for his Wii console game. So, he's all spoiled and pampered on his birthday today! A lot of toys to play with!

Then again today, he got some new toy from his dada again. It's a LEGO Creator Treehouse. It hasn't been open yet since when we came home, it was already time for bed. So, tomorrow, he's going to be so crazy about it!

Well, it was fun for Joshua being at home today. All day long he spend it by drawing and coloring with his little sister, Joella. He also went to watch a movie "Frozen" yesterday with a friend, so that's all good. He said he liked the movie and so I'm glad he did.

Happy Birthday to my dear son, Josh! We love you so much, son. God bless you as always...



Tools for Winter Storm Cleanup

After four days of me being inside the house for a long time due to the polar vortex going on for these past few days, I decided to finally come out and enjoy the mild winter weather. Though, it's been raining lately here in Midwest, but it wasn't as cold compared to as what the weather was a few days ago. Though, the frigid is seemed gone, still the snow hasn't leave us entirely yet. There are still some streets in our area that hasn't been cleared out yet.

Good thing, a lot of media networks gave some ideas for those who lived in a remote areas to somehow send a request for snow plowing team to come by to clear out the street. But what if the help will never came, I think it's time for these community to somehow be prepared and be all ready. Do you know that there's a website that sell all the tools for winter storm clean up? I think this is what everyone should do, have the gear up needed just in case. And to shop now, you can visit Sherrilltree.com today. It's not too late yet! It's better to be all ready than be sorry.



Wireless Door Bell Installed

>> Thursday, January 09, 2014

Since we moved in to my father in law's place almost four years ago, we never even use our door bell because it hasn't been working for a while. Until something came up where when my son's speech therapist came by for a session, she has been ringing the door bell, and no one answered.

So then I received a text message from her telling me that nobody answered the door and she was wondering if we're home. I was at one of my classes at that time and I thought, where's my husband and my kids then. Unfortunately, she has been ringing the door bell and it wasn't working at all. She never even knock, so hubby didn't know she came over.

To make every short, my father in law bought a new wireless doorbell this time by using an electric impact wrench, then they were able to install the wireless battery operated door chime kit at no time, without ruining the dry wall even, well, except with the button since they need to install it outside which the weather seemed really cold and bitter.

But after that, we're so excited and even me, because then I wasn't going to check every time when there's a package outside our door. Since I'm sure, package carrier will ring the door bell to let us know. Now, we have it for almost two weeks now. Though, I haven't heard it since we tested it a couple times that someone really uses it but it's good to know we finally have a door bell that works!



Owl Cozy Cup

Doesn't your mom (or mother-in-law, or any other special woman in your life) deserve something really nice for Mother's Day (or her birthday, or Valentine's day, or whenever)? Why not make her day by making her something nice? This time around it won't be something "me" time, but a hand knit gift that says you want her to relax, get cozy and enjoy. Well, thanks to my dear SIS-in law!

Last Christmas, my family had a small exchange gifts where we called it a "Secret Santa" idea. It was fun and we got so excited who gets who. And we're so glad we did made it happen. My sister in law and her daughter were the ones who picked out our names, my husband and I. And, aside from giving us a gift card from our favorite restaurant, they also got me this cute coffee cup cozy holder from stitching pattern. It was so darn cute! I couldn't help it, but totally love this idea! I could even drink cold beverages now despite the winter season. Or drink hot drinks anytime of the day even during summer time haha! I have tried them and they indeed worked magic!

Well, according to my sister in law, a lady from a swap group (buy and sale) sold this to her. The lady handmade it and absolutely she did a very good job! I find some of the same products online, but none of them match the cuteness of these own design cozy holder while enjoying my favorite drink while on the move to do some errands...

Yes, I'm indeed a one happy momma! 



Hardy Christmas Day

Last month was the busiest days of my life. I don't know why but it was a bit stressful month for me. It's not because of the holiday, but of what had happened. I never truly expected it and it is very depriving. I didn't know how it feels really to lose a loved one, but I now did. Yet, somehow I was able to managed. Good thing, I already bought some of my kid's gifts for Christmas last November during the Black Friday, then I was able to overcome what's ahead.

Unfortunately, during those times of my grief, I wasn't able to wrap the gifts yet, I waited after my father's burial to wrapped them all up. So after I did, I put them all under the tree and ready for the kids to open on Christmas morning.

So, when they got up from bed! My daughter can't wait! She loved opening wrappers from the gifts. She's not really into the gifts until she saw what she got! She loves to color and so when I got her some nice crayons, she has the "O" on her mouth! I also got my son some special gift. After he broke his Nintendo 3DS, we're still buying him gadgets. Duh! When we're going to learn. Oh well, there are some limitations, though. So, I will have to make sure, he's on to it because I'm not allowing some of the things he did before these time around.

Anyway, done with ranting! This is not about ranting post. But some happy times. I got my kids the new Leap Pad Ultra with Wi-Fi connection built in. It was nice but I never thought it was so limited. Yet, it's good for kids who just want to learn and explore at the same time. I also got them crayons and coloring books and also some new shoes and clothes.

 It was a nice memorable Christmas day for us. And we had fun as well opening our gifts from each other. :)



Sorry for No Updates

>> Wednesday, January 08, 2014

It's been a while that I haven't done any post updates on this blog due to the fact that I decided to go back to school last semester. And it's been rough. I had to focused all my attention to my schooling and also to my kids and the rest of the households than spending my entire time in front of my computer.

Therefore, I apologized for other things that I had an agreement with especially when posting products review that has been delayed as promised. I was looking forward to review them last month, however, something came up unexpectedly. My father's death was the saddest day of my life and to my family. I was in a deep mourning of losing him suddenly.

However, I'm trying to get back on track. Though, my school winter semester would start again next week, but I'm hoping that I will have time to update my blog maybe two or three times per week. I really missed blogging and sharing my thoughts and experiences. It's been a part of my life already. Anyway, please keep me on your fingers, though. I'm still here :)

Hoping you all could still visit my blog and share your thoughts on the next few days. Thank you and may you all have a prosperous new year 2014!!!



Men's Citizen Eco-Drive Sport Watch

When it comes to buying gifts for my husband, there are things that I needed to consider. Since my dear lover loves to wear or use highest quality products, I consider to indulge myself with more time to research the best gift ever without overspending. There are a lot of products out there that are seemed good, yet you also paying for the brand. Why not just pay for the quality of the product?

Therefore, when my dear wanted a new watch last holiday season, I never hesitated knowing I could find the best watch that he really wanted without a fraction of the cost. And also without giving up the means of being thrifty. So, when I searched online, I found a website that entirely answered my prayer. I got my husband a less than $200 men's watch. Though, there a lot of watches on the site that costs a lot more than $300, but I found what I was really looking for. A unique, sporty type of watch that my husband would adore.

Honestly, I got the watch on clearance which is, I think my luckiest day, I supposed. The normal price of the watch is over about $300, by the way. So, it's about half off deal.
I think it's all worth it! And that is why I recommend this site for giving their customers the best prices ever.

 So, if you are looking for the best watch for your best man or wife? Then, get something what they deserve!



Don Pepino Pizza Sauce: All Natural and Fresh Product Review

>> Friday, November 29, 2013

Pizza is the healthy and quick way to prepare meals during hectic days. Therefore, when I had a chance to try one of the best pizza sauce, I never hesitated. So, when I received the product, I tried it right away. Good thing, I have a pita bread and some healthy ingredients for my home-made pizza. We always choose to eat at home most of the time. And making our own meal is what my husband loves to do. He preferred to make a pizza right at home where he could out some ingredients he wanted in it. Mostly, once in a while, we put pizza sauce in it, but we prefer pasta sauces, until we had a chance to try the fresh vine ripened tomato sauce in a can.

 Don Pepino Pizza Sauce is made with the high regarded quality vine ripened tomatoes in New Jersey. The sauce was sealed in a pop top can which ensured perfect freshness and sweetness. When we tried Don Pepino Fully Prepared Pizza Sauce, my husband told me that it was the best pizza sauce since he could taste the fresh and rich taste of tomatoes and perfect texture and blend of spices in it.

We love it so much that a few days ago, we had been eating pizza for three days! All we did just add the pizza sauce in the pita bread, put some Swiss and mozzarella cheese in it, add some sweet bell pepper and onion. Cooked for less than 15 minutes and add some cooked bacon, and voila! We had the best home-made pizza! No paste, purees, preservatives, starches, gums, sugar, artificial color, citric acid, or fillers.

Therefore, I definitely recommend Don Pepino pizza sauce for those pizza lovers out there! It's the simplest way to make pizza while enjoying the best if what pizza restaurant can offer! It might be their secret! Who knows! But I'm glad I've found it and surely we will have to enjoy no more greasy and unhealthy pizzas!

(I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review/ endorsement purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience in accordance with the FTC guidelines in regards of product endorsements and affirmation in terms of advertising.) 



All in One Head to Toe Groomer

When it comes to giving the best for my husband this holiday season, I thought of something to buy that is useful for him. Since he worked at the school. He always make sure he looked clean and neat. Therefore, when he was trying to shave his beard once, he had mentioned to me that he might buy himself a trimming and edging groomer to use.

 Fortunately, thanks to MicroTouch Switch Blade for giving me a chance to try their product in exchange of my fair and honest review about it. I was so surprised of how effective the product were. One touch of trimming my eyebrow is magic. I'm done as little as few seconds. Sometimes, I pluck the hair on my eyebrow, just to avoid a lot of thick growing hair in the next few days, but sometimes, I have to just to look neater and nicer. So with Micro Touch, which for me, is not only for men but for women also. I'm glad I had a chance to try this product and so as my dear husband.

MicroTouch Switch Blade is a all in one tool, from micro to full body grooming needs, It features a German stainless steel blades to remove hair anywhere you want and gentle to sensitive skin as well. It has a built in LED light as well which assured you to no missing areas when shaving small spots in your face plus it has a four snap on guides which makes the grooming tool easy to use and safe. My husband loved it because he can always have a perfect touch ups after having his hair cuts. He also uses this for his nose since sometimes he would find a hair right inside it. I'm glad he enjoyed using it and I am too. I haven't been using it for shaving my legs yet, but I will try it out, maybe one of these days.

So, if you haven't been sure what to get for your special someone this coming holiday season, then make the MictroTouch Switch Blade, one of things to be your Christmas wish list or for yourself. You will never be sorry when you have it for only $19.99, it's very affordable and only requires 2 AAA batteries. Why need an expensive one, when you can get it for only $20?

(I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review/ endorsement purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience in accordance with the FTC guidelines in regards of product endorsements and affirmation in terms of advertising.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Thanksgiving Day Shopping with Frugaa.com

Thanksgiving Day Shopping with Frugaa.com With Thanksgiving Day around the corner, I'm going crazy with the number of people on my list. I truly want to pick gifts for each of them keeping their interests and personality in mind. But I'm burdened at professional front and thus don't like stepping out on weekends for shopping. This time I have decided to shop online and make use of coupon codes and discount deals to save as much as possible.

 For my sister and husband I wanted a personalized gift item and so checked Walgreens Photo and ordered photo book for my sister that contains the pictures of all our merry making moments. For my husband I got a personalized calendar. My husband is a photographer and thus has a huge collection. I picked up some of his best clicks and got them printed on the table calendar.

Then on my list was my nephew. He is a bundle of joy and thus I wanted to make sure I pick something good for him. I checked CP toys as they are known to have the best collection. I ordered for puzzles and art sets. I'm truly excited as I'm sure he will love them.

Next on the list was my boss. I could have picked anything but I wanted it to be perfect. So I checked Brass Pro Shops. I know he loves camping and thus I picked quite a few camping essentials like sun lotion, replacement filter for filter and sport water bottle, natural repellent wristband and packed them in the nice camping bag.

Then there were friends on my list. I checked Brookstone as their gift collection is simply amazing. I ordered few iPad and iPhone accessories, window candles, nap socks and some FOM fun pillows. These things will take care of my friends.

While I was shopping I wasn't bothered about over stepping the budget. As I always check Frugaa.com for latest coupons. Truly they offer deals from almost all major brands in all categories to find out more you must check the site for latest deals and discounts. Luckily I had found coupons for all these stores that let me enjoy big savings. As I was left with some money, I decided to treat myself and straight checked Glossy Box. I ordered for my favorite exfoliating gel. I don't want to miss on the chance of looking my best this festive season.


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