Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!


Gold and Red Theme Christmas Tree

>> Monday, December 15, 2014

Last weekend, I finally had a chance to put up our Christmas tree despite the busy schedules I have due to my finals week for my classes. I have to study for the finals and I am actually cramming for it. I have two finals set for last week, and so glad I did a good job on my exams. And yes, reaching for A’s is what I got, I’m so thankful to God for it. It was a busy semester and so glad I was able to survive.

Anyway, this year, I have all my Christmas decors new and fresh. Last year, I was in the taste of multicolor tree, but this time, I have it in gold and red. Something that for me represents, money and love. I think that’s what is important. I guess, I don’t mean anything but Gold and Red is a colorful, beautiful combination of colors. So, glad that my Christmas tree turned out to be good and beautiful. My husband told me that I did a good job on it and can’t wait to post it online to share it with family and friends. I was proud wife as well and my son and daughter love it even more. Now, I’m a one proud momma.

In fact, the tree is amazing! I love the way I decorated it. And as a matter of fact, I spent almost an hour spreading the leaves of our tree, (we have a fake tree and preferred it more than the real one). Why? Because we have a bad experience on real tree, it smells after a week or two, then its leaves started falling out and it has to be maintained. I don’t have time for that. So, a fake tree will do best for me.

Well, here are some of the glimpse on our family Christmas tree this year!

And before I forget, I wanted to wish everyone to have a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year of 2015. To have good health all year around and lots of love!



Special Touches for Your Child's Communion and Christening

Your children are gifts from God, and it's humbling and exciting to celebrate their spiritual milestones. Along with cheering your child on his first day or school or watching her take her first steps, you also want to give special significance to the most important religious days in your child's life, specifically her christening and first Holy Communion. Lily's Attic offers the following products to help you personalise these special events.

1. Christening Apparel
Few things are more adorable than christening outfits! Since your child will want to keep this outfit as an heirloom, it's important to find outfits made from high quality materials. Once you locate the right suit or gown, your little one will look perfect in all of the photos from that special day.

2. Christening Candles
Candles have many different purposes on your child's christening day. Candles are used to help us reflect on God, signify unity and emphasise the love and warmth that is present. You can make the day even more beautiful by finding the perfect candles. If you're not sure which candles to select, choose items that fit in with the overall theme of the day.

3. Communion Apparel
Your daughter's First Holy Communion is one of the most important days in her spiritual journey. Young girls love donning beautiful white communion dresses, so finding the right apparel will make her feel like the princess that she is.

When you shop at Lily's Attic, you'll be able to find all of the items you need for these special days in one convenient location. Visit to learn more about our commitment to offering high quality products for your family's most special spiritual occasions.



Christmas Party with Friends

Last Sunday was amazing! My family went to a Filipino Christmas Party held by some of my friends who actually did an awesome job preparing for the event. And everyone did participate and made the party memorable and fun! I am so glad that I was able to join and be a part of it. I’m also glad that I was able to see and meet new people, old friends and some people I haven’t talk to for months. So glad to see them and catch up!

The party was for the whole family to enjoy.  And the kids, especially my kids had so much fun as well. They were able to get gifts from Santa which they thought is Santa, but it was actually all prepared. I need to buy gifts for them and for Santa to give out. It was cute though because my kids thought how Santa could know what I want and what the things on my Christmas List are! It was fun, especially my son. He wanted to play with it as soon as he opened the gift. I know it will be a fun Christmas time for them and I can’t wait for Christmas to come soon too.



Proper Illumination for Car Safety

>> Saturday, November 29, 2014

Proper illumination plays a critical role in road safety for all types of passenger and commercial vehicles. As a matter of fact, state inspection tests require cars and trucks to have functional lights that provide enough power to clearly illuminate the road ahead for dozens of feet. According to state laws, license plates must also be properly visible in dark conditions. Headlamp bulbs often come with a lifetime that lasts for several years. Therefore, it is important to replace or upgrade light fixtures according to specific intervals or urgent needs.

When shopping around for headlamp bulbs, customers should be familiar with some of the basic technical aspects. For example, the Lumens rating indicates the peak of intensity of a light bulb or lamp. The intensity ratings may range from several hundred to over 1,000 Lumens. The color temperature is another important technical specification in headlamps for vehicles. This parameter is rated in a unit known as degrees Kelvin, which is commonly used for scientific purposes only. A high temperature rating actually implies a "cool" light color such as blue, amber or violet. A low temperature rating indicates a "warm" light color like orange or yellow. Certain headlights might produce special sparkling effects that serve aesthetic rather than functional purposes. Additionally, it is also possible to install headlamps that emit unique colors, such as green.

LED is one of the most common technologies used in headlamps for vehicles. A series of small bulbs is connected to optimize the total illumination. The lights are also surrounded by reflective mirrors that direct all of the rays towards the road. Some powerful headlamps might also come with built-in cooling fans that dissipate the heat continuously produced from the bulb filaments. A fixture such as the 194 LED bulb and other lamps are examples of modern lighting components for passenger and commercial cars.

The current rating is also explicitly given for every LED bulb that is installed in vehicles. It is important to keep electrical safety in mind during the installation process. Some fuses might quickly burn out if powerful lamps are installed. It's critical to make sure that the voltage and ampere specifications are in sync with some of the fuses in the electric panel box under the hood. Only licensed mechanics that specialize in electronic diagnostics should handle light bulbs that are installed or removed from a vehicle's lamps.



Life is Short, Clean Less

Housekeeping Just Got Easier
Whether you are wife, mother, and business woman or a man who is always on the go, you've got so many pans in the fire, you just don't know how you can possibly keep up with all of your obligations. The list grows longer by the minute and there is never enough time in the day. Cleaning your house is just one chore too many. You know it's slipping, but you just don't have the energy or resources to get it done. A residential cleaning service can be the solution that you have been looking for to make your life easier.

Turn to the Professionals
When you go through a service like Maid Right, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. A staff of professionals will arrive at your door at the appointed time, cleaning your home from top to bottom. Specify exactly what you need and watch as your living space is whipped into shape. While you are busy taking care of all of the demands that take up your time, your cleaning crew will give your home the attention to detail that it deserves. Simply make an appointment and leave it to the professionals to make your home shine.

Get the Cleaning Services that are Tailored to Suit You
You need a residential cleaning team that is committed to excellence in service. That begins with personalized attention, beginning with an initial consultation. Your cleaning professionals need to know exactly what you expect. Address each area of your home and explain what you want. From that point, leave it up to your cleaning team to tackle each area of your home. You'll have the satisfaction of a job well done without the headaches.

Let Someone Else Do the Cleaning to Give You Room to Breathe
Take a little stress out of your life by allowing your residential cleaners to take care of the interior of your home. Free up some quality time with your family, give yourself a chance to relax for a few minutes, or take on the challenge of another project. When you have residential cleaners that you can count on, you simplify your life and give yourself more flexibility. When there are simply too many other obligations for you to take care of and you're feeling stretched thin, let your residential cleaning crew ease your load.



Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

 Today my family went to my sister in law’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was not new to us since we were always going over to my kid’s aunts every year. The only different this time is that my other sister in law will not be with us because they just recently moved out of the state and now living in Florida. I miss her though, especially her homemade pumpkin pie! 

Anyway, the day was fun and full of laughter. After we had our thanksgiving dinner, the turkey was delicious by the way, we talked and just have some light chit chats here and there. We totally enjoyed the night and we even played games until it’s almost time for us to go home. My kids were all sleepy and tired, eventually fell asleep in the car all the way home.

 Thanksgiving is absolutely one of my favorite holiday of the year. A day where you can have delicious turkey meat and also to spend time with family. Also a day where you can thank everyone for everything.



When Flowers Make the Perfect Gift

>> Wednesday, November 05, 2014

If you want to show you appreciate a person or want to congratulate someone for a milestone or acknowledge a special occasion, flowers make the perfect gift option. Their soft, colorful and fragrant petals offer beauty and cheer to their recipients. They can boost morale, and they provide a connection with nature. You can send flowers to both intimate and casual acquaintances. They make the perfect gift to acknowledge graduations, promotions, new home purchases and other milestones. Below you will find three examples of occasions when flowers make the perfect gift.

 1. Baby’s Birth - When a new baby arrives, it’s time to celebrate. Send the happy new mother a vase filled with her favorite flowers or a basket overflowing with her roses in her favorite hue. You can also opt to send your floral arrangement in a novelty container like a toy car or boat for a boy or a wagon or an animal-themed pot. Let her know she’s special and that the new baby is also special with a floral gift to mark the family’s blessed event. Babies arrive at unpredictable times, and the convenience of online ordering allows you to acknowledge the birth as soon as you receive the happy news of its occurrence.

 2. Friend or Relative’s Birthday - Make your friends and relatives feel special on their birthdays with a floral arrangement chosen especially for them. Fresh seasonal flowers make a lovely birthday bouquet, and yellow arrangements convey sunny greetings for summer celebrations. Pastel arrangements in sherbet colors like lime, lemon and orange offer a fun spring birthday choice, and autumn birthdays call for fall leaf colors like orange and gold. An arrangement with a rainbow of hues makes a bright and uplifting gift for a birthday celebrant of any age in any season.

 3. Loss - Another time when flowers make the perfect gift is to acknowledge the loss of a loved one. Funeral arrangements can express your sympathy in a beautiful and fragrant way. Although wreaths, sprays and floral arrangements for the funeral service can come in any color, white and pastel combinations are common. Flowers can also acknowledge sympathy for other losses including job losses and illness. Their vibrant colors soothe and comfort and convey your supportive sentiments with bright, cheery colors. Your floral gift lets the recipient know that you are thinking of him or her. 

Flowers are one of the most healing presents you can bestow. There’s something calming about their rich colors and delicate fragrances. They convey caring and compassion as well as celebration. If you want an Eastwood florist, try Florist With Flowers. They can provide personalized floral designs for a multitude of occasions including weddings, holidays and corporate dinners and events. For further information, visit



An Aspect of Healthy Living You Shouldn't Ignore

>> Thursday, October 30, 2014

Have you decided it's time to join the healthy living movement? Are you in the process of making chances that will help you fit into this trendy lifestyle? If so, you've probably cleared out the unhealthy food that was filling your cabinets, pantry and refrigerator and replaced it with healthier choices. Another lifestyle change you've probably made or are in the process of adopting is to get a sufficient amount of exercise each day. Couch potato habits and a healthy lifestyle do not go together. With all of the new foods you're trying and the bad habits you're trying to abandon and replace with good habits, there may be one area you've overlooked.

Sleep is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. Getting the proper amount of sleep can reduce stress, improve your overall health, help you stay alert and focused during the day and generally improve your mood. If sleep is something you haven't taken seriously, now is the time to make some changes to improve your sleep habits. Having a good quality mattress is a key component to sleeping well. You may want to sleep on a puffy cloud that can carry you to a place of tranquility and contentment until it's time to start a new day. In addition to having a comfortable mattress, establishing a pre-bedtime ritual will signal to your body that it's time to put the busyness of the day aside and focus on peaceful slumber



Kinsights Pediatrician Shares Best Home Remedies for Flu Season

Sick Child
Here we are again—cold and flu season. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is reporting the cold and flu season has struck early this year.  Fortunately, Kinsights’ Medical Director Dr. Carol Wilkinson and Co-founder/Parenting Expert Jennifer Chung are sharing their best home remedies to help get you and your family through the flu season.

A cough or congestion can be a little thing that becomes a big deal. These symptoms can not only be irritating, but can keep a child (and parents!) from getting a restful night’s sleep just when it’s most needed. And there’s another problem: while it’s easy to find a wide selection of cough medicines at any drug store, they can come with some serious risks for young kids—rapid heart rate, convulsions, excessive sleepiness and possible risk of overdose. Fortunately, there are some great home remedies that can do the trick, and actually work better. You probably already have everything you need right at home.

*Of course you should always get your doctor's advise on any remedies and schedule a visit when symptoms warrant.  

- Honey. As long as your child is over 1-year-old, this might be the only thing you need. Mix a little honey in warm water (half a teaspoon for kids under 6, 1 teaspoon for kids under 12, and 2 teaspoons for teens), and give it about half an hour to work its way into the system. Darker varieties work best, but anything you have should be fine in a pinch.

- Tea. Soothing herbal teas can be a quick and easy cough reliever. Chamomile and mint are classic favorites, but be sure to try licorice too. Don’t be afraid to combine tea with honey for a double attack on that cough!

- Ginger. Whether it’s ginger ale or you create your own ginger tea, ginger can work as an expectorant and break up the mucus in your throat to help clear out that cough. To make the tea, pour boiling water over a couple tablespoons of chopped ginger into your mug. Oregano and thyme can have similar effects, so go with what sounds most appealing.

- Steam. When you’ve run out of other options, or find yourself in a pinch, you can always fall back to good old steam. Whether it’s a steamy shower or just the steam coming off a mug of hot water, breathing in moist, steamy air can help soothe and relieve the symptoms that are causing your child’s cough.

As you can see, it's not always necessary to reach into the medicine cabinet, check the kitchen cupboard instead. With a little experimenting, you’re sure to find a recipe that helps everyone get a good night’s sleep.  Keep in mind that if symptoms persist for several days or seem to rapidly progress, it’s important to see a physician.

Visit Kinsights for securely storing your children’s medical records online (vaccinations, allergies, current medications, previous illnesses, etc.). You’ll have all your children’s important health information handy if you’re visiting the walk-in clinic or ER with a sick child. With 30% of the U.S. opting for walk-in clinics vs. their primary care physician for acute care (like flu symptoms) and minor wounds, it’s extremely helpful to have the information accessible from your phone for the visit. Parents can also visit Kinsights online advice- sharing community—a safe place to seek answers to your medical questions.

Dr Carol Wilkinson    Jennifer Chung 2
                       Dr. Carol Wilkinson                              Jennifer Chung                                
About Kinsights
Kinsights is an advice-sharing network for parents.  Whether you have questions about a medical condition, local schools, or potty training, they will connect you with relevant, experienced parents who can provide great advice.  And Kinsights is free for any parent!  It’s also an online Personal Health Record Keeper for children.  Organize your child’s growth and developmental milestones, immunizations, medications, allergies, and more.
Connect with Kinsights at to learn more and sign-up! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Bloomers Let your Little Girls Bloom

Most little girls love frilly dresses and tutu-style skirts. Unfortunately, most of these darling apparel items are designed to be pretty, but not functional, for little girls. Many moms resort to putting their little ones in leggings or opaque tights to provide the modesty and freedom necessary to let their little girl jump and twirl or play on the playground. In the warmer months of spring and summer, tights and leggings will make your little girl too hot and uncomfortable.

As the warmer months approach, parents flock to the stores to look for cargo skirts or dresses and rompers with built-in shorts for modesty and coverage for their daughters. Not only are these styles hard to come by, but they are often ill-fitting, too short or too loose, cause bunching and offer little coverage.

Your little girl does not need to spend all of summer in Bermuda shorts. She can maintain her princess style and you can ensure her modesty no matter how rambunctious she gets on the playground with fitted bloomers. Bloomers are fitted mini-shorts that layer seamlessly under any skirts, dresses and rompers and offer full opaque coverage, so you can let her play with confidence; bloomers let your little girl's personality bloom. Companies like Sparkle Farms specialize exclusively in bloomers. Designed by a mom, Sparkle Farms' bloomers are breathable, opaque, comfortable for sleep, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can shop now online from a store like Sparkle Farms and have them sent directly to your home for your little princess.



Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo Event

Last weekend, my family went to the last day of Zoo BOO brought by the Detroit Zoo for family with their kids to enjoy the zoo trick or treat. It was fun, it is just too cold and my kids were seemed not so enjoying their costume since all they need to do is rather wear their jackets all the time. I think that’s what we get from living in a cold state, right? Anyway, it was our first Zoo boo experience.

Unfortunately, I don’t have my phone with me at that time, I forgot it at home. So, instead I was relying on my husband's phone. Yet for some reason,  I lost him in the crowd and he was with our son the whole time too and I am with our daughter. It was too much people at the zoo boo and its hard to look for them. I waited but somehow it took me to think about just go walk since its getting late and the zoo will be closing soon.  We arrived at the zoo at around 7:30 pm, I guess next time, its better to go to Zoo boo at the earliest time possible, when the day light is still out to see everything! It's hard to see stuff at night time you know.

The Zoo Boo event has about 13 stations and every stations you have to stop to get some candies. Then, continue until it’s time to exit the trail. For the price of $8 (for 2-adults) and a $6 for a parking lot which I would say, it is not even worth it. well, I guess, it’s not so worth it. You have to have a bag of your own and for the kids to ensure that you can get more candies. Not all staff at the Zoo boo gave you candies too, only good for the one side, if you're on that side and they gave out different candies as well. I wish they could just give out at least two candies at a time, not one. No wonder some people went to the other road to get more and go back to the same stations. I guess, I will do that next time (laugh) yet somehow it will give me guilt-ridden, though. Oh well…

 Anyway, my kids had fun anyway, I guess. My daughter dressed like Elsa the whole time and my son is Maverick from Top Gun, he loves it.

And as I mentioned earlier, don’t have pics of my daughter from the Zoo boo, but only of my son. (sadness)



Benefits of a Fence for your Home

>> Monday, October 20, 2014

Home is where your heart is. The structure and land around it provide a much needed sanctuary for you and your family from all the elements of the outside world. It is the place where our days end and the next adventure starts. To ensure that peace of mind when you get home, the prudent investor looks for a quality fence to accomplish this. They are decorative, offer more layers of protection, and recoup the value of investment in a short amount of time. When your resale value and family protection both increase, the purchase of a fence is a win win scenario for any homeowner.

FAMILY FRIENDLY ZONE: Our off time is meant to relax. Wishing to unwind, nothing breaks the serene atmosphere like the potential of prying eyes intruding into our surroundings. A fence can provide optical barrier for you and your loved ones. Aluminium fence slats in Perth and other locations are catching on quickly as a means for decorative options at increasing privacy. Many people list the degree of privacy a home affords at being near the top of the list for purchasing a home.

THE SHIELD: To keep disruptions at arm's length is one of the larger roles that a fence plays. Intruders, both animal and human, have more difficulty traversing your grounds with this in place. The harder you make it for this element to be introduced means that these forces will look for any easier path elsewhere. Also it allows the homeowner to keep a watchful eye on their pets and children. The family dog will have less opportune to get lost by it following their inquisitive nature. Children are in a more controlled space and have less chance of having a disrupting accident.

MATERIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Bamboo, metals, and a variety of woods are just a few of the materials that a fence can be made of. Budget considerations, landscape factors, and its overall strength play key roles in the determination of which one is best for your home. Aluminium fencing in Perth has caught on because of it being affordable, strong and comes in a variety of options that work well with any neighbourhood. Ambiance can be maintained while adding another element of neighbourhood security when you decide to invest in or upgrade your fence.

Countless reasons exist on why fences not only increase your peace of mind but the overall value of your home. That tangible aura of security is emitted from the residence that is bolsters by a fence protecting their grounds. People can have that haven to unwind from that outside world when they seek the refuge of their home with their fence keeping prying eyes shut out. Numerous types of common and exotic materials exist to compliment your home. The esteemed company of Lattice and Screens has at their disposal one of the most vast selection of fences in the market today. The time to act is now by visiting today.



Squeez’Ems & Pack’Ems Lunch Box Tips Make it Easy to Send Healthy, Homemade Lunches All Year Long

It’s back to school time again! This also means it’s time to start thinking about school lunches for your kiddos.  Getting kids to eat a healthy diet isn’t always easy and carb heavy school lunches can be expensive and aren’t always the healthiest.  Whipping up  healthy, fun options doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. The key to success is having a plan in place.  These time saving tips will help you pack healthy lunches that your child will love:

Use as many whole foods as possible.  Processed foods don’t offer much nutrition and tend to be extremely high in sodium content. Provide high protein, low sugar options.  Kids will feel full longer and won’t hit a sugar low mid-afternoon. To make school mornings easier, do as much prep work as you can the night before—fruits can be cut up and veggies can be sliced in advance and stored in water to keep fresh.

Buy in bulk.  If you live near a warehouse store like Costco, Sam’s Club or Walmart you can buy in bulk.  Items such as crackers, chips and fruit snacks can be stored in a cool dry place and last for several months.  Perishables like fruits and veggies can be purchased and frozen or refrigerated to prolong freshness.  Take time once a week to portion out snacks so when it comes time to put lunches together you can set up an assembly line to grab and go.

Cook ahead for the week. Prepare lunch options like boiled eggs and chicken salad in advance to make mornings go smoother. You can even send them off with leftovers from the previous night’s dinner.

Smoothies can be made in advance and frozen.  Smoothies can include yogurt, regular milk or almond/soy/coconut milk, fresh fruit and veggies.  Store them in a re-usable container, such as Squeez’Ems, to save on time and money.  Toss them in the lunch box frozen and they’ll be defrosted by lunchtime.

Consider foods like soup, chili and stew occasionally to give your child a warm lunch. Pack in an insulated bottle and store in an insulated lunchbox. Fill the bottle with boiling water and let stand for several minutes before adding the hot contents. Keep the bottle closed until kids are ready to eat at lunchtime.

Purchase freezer gel packs. The gel pack can help keep cold foods cold in an insulated lunchbox. Any items not consumed at lunchtime should be discarded. Adding a cold piece of fruit and or juice box can also help regulate the temperature of the lunchbox.

Don’t forget a lunch note! Add a little lunch note to the lunchbox, as well.  You may want to send a joke of the day, a fun fact or a simple I love you and am thinking about you.
One of the toughest parts of packing school lunches is coming up with creative ideas that kids will like and eat.  Here are some ideas healthy lunch that your kids will love!

Chicken or Turkey Salad Rolls—combine diced chicken or turkey, toasted almonds, halved seedless red grapes, diced green apples and celery, mayonnaise and mustard. Transfer to an airtight container; serve on a whole wheat hot dog bun or include crackers.

Turkey-Cheese Pita Pockets—spread a low fat creamy cheese, inside a whole wheat pita, then fill with roast turkey slices, baby spinach leaves and cucumber slices.  Include dried apricots or banana chips and a low sugar beverage.

BLTA Wraps—mash an avocado with lemon juice, then spread on a whole wheat wrap. Top with crumbled bacon, chopped tomatoes, and thinly sliced romaine lettuce. Roll up and wrap in parchment or wax paper to secure.

Easy Italian Hero—toss thinly sliced lettuce with a mixture of yellow mustard and mayonnaise. Assemble a sandwich on a split hoagie roll using sliced provolone, salami, turkey, tomatoes, and iceberg lettuce mixture.  Include some broccoli and ranch dip.

Peanut/Sun Butter Banana Burrito—spread peanut or sun butter on a toasted whole-wheat wrap, then sprinkle with crumbled bacon and drizzle with honey. Place a whole banana at the edge of the wrap, then roll, pressing gently to break the banana and form a cylinder shape. Or, slice the banana, scatter, and roll.  Include celery and carrot sticks.

Curried Egg Salad Pinwheels—combine chopped hard-boiled eggs, raisins, sliced celery, mayonnaise and curry powder. Trim the crust from a slice of bread and press slice of bread to flatten. Spread with a layer of egg salad, then roll and secure with a toothpick.

Bento Box-Style Lunch—bento boxes are the rage of the lunch room right now.  Pick up a pack at your local big box store (like Target) or order online.  They come with several small compartments to fill with an assortment of ingredients your child desires, such as crackers or pretzels, cubed cheese, cut up fruit, carrot sticks, rolled up lunch meat or hummus.

**Note: always remember to check with your school to make sure you can send tree nuts or peanuts.  If your child is gluten/dairy free, make sure you skip ingredients that are off limits and swap out for an alternative such as a gluten free wrap.

Meet Squeez’Ems, eco-friendly, reusable food pouches for any pureed or blended food. They are easy to fill, clean and store and are perfect for back-to-school lunch boxes. Fill them with yogurt, applesauce or any pureed food. Squeez’Ems are comprised of just one piece to eliminate the worry over losing parts.  It features a new screw top lid that turns clockwise to prevent accidental opening. It guarantees a tighter, 100% leak-proof seal.

Also check out Pack’Ems reusable food pouches. Pack’Ems are the perfect companion to your kids’ lunch and snacks. They come in both large and small and feature a gusseted bottom for easy, stand-up design. They are easy to open and close with unique VELCRO® brand Press-Lok™ patented material.

Both Squeez’Ems and Pack’Ems are dishwasher-safe, easy-to-clean, BPA, PVC and phthalate-free.

For more information on Squeez’Ems & Pack’Ems, please visit You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest



Motu mk3

Looking for a new home recording studio equipment? Well, I found this motu mk3 online and bet you this is the one you were looking for. If you are strictly looking forward to make some music recordings right at the comfort of your own home, then this is the product you want. It has a performance Excellency during recording based on the customer reviews you can also read online. It works as advertised but some customers have some struggles with what laptops or personal computer to use since it produces noise, considering it could be the hard drive. But, all in all when add in to the mix through the fire wire connection, it will give you an amazing results.

So, next time you shop for a flexible equipment for your studio and considering the performance environment and enjoy more of its features which is adjustable for more comfort to work with. Plus, I found a site where you can also save money by using coupon codes! So, just click the link above for more information.



Three Fantastic Items to Help Develop Your Child's Imagination

When it comes to cultivating a child's imagination, parents know it is an important job. The most successful and inventive adults were usually creative and free-thinking children who had parental nurturing. Encourage your child's imagination and watch magic take place with these three fantastic play items.

An Elf Door

There is a special essence surrounding a miniature door. When your child engages in playtime fun, he will see many possibilities in an elf door. An elf door with accessories, such as a detailed scene in the background, instantly transforms the door into a world full of enchantment where elves pass through to play. Your child's imagination will reach new heights with an elf door in his room.

A Fairy Door

There are other magical beings who like to pass through miniature doors. A little girl who loves to pretend to visit make-believe lands will be enthralled with a fairy door in her room. A fairy door is wonderful alternative for girls who want the same playtime experiences that an elf door gives a boy.

A Roombox

 Thanks to a roombox's impressive details, an imaginative child will see a roombox as more than just a tiny showcase. A roombox built with care adds a level of realism to a child's creative playtime activities. Boys and girls will enjoy making a world of their own with accompanying food and furniture items.

A child's imagination is a priceless gift, and it is meant to be treasured. All too often, the imagination becomes buried under the stress of everyday life as a child becomes older. So parents need to use every opportunity available to support their child's inventive ideas. Go to to look at the varieties of roomboxes, furniture, food, fairy doors, elf doors and other items made by Opening Fairy Doors.



Kinsights’ Parenting Expert Jennifer Chung Invites You to Jump on the Halloween Bandwagon With These Fun Party Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to get your family into the mood for some frightful fun. Who doesn’t love Halloween? This year why not consider throwing your kids a creative and fun Halloween party that’s sure to make their whole season spooky good. Kinsights Founder Jennifer Chung shares her spot on Halloween recipes, activities and décor that will have your little monsters begging for more! Jennifer’s Halloween party ideas below are available (shown below).

Day of the Dead Cookies

Day of the Dead Cookies can be incredibly fun to make with your kids and it’s easy to just make sugar cookies and then decorate these.
Halloween Recipes

If you’re looking to make sure the kids have something to eat at the party besides sweets, these Halloween quesadillas are made to look like pumpkins and taste really good.
Rice Krispy Treats
Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats are something your kids can help make and you can easily wrap them in cellophane and hand them out after the party as gifts.   

Puppy Chow
Halloween Puppy Chow is one of our favorite things to have out on tables for people to munch on.
White Chocolate Candy Popcorn is another yummy and easy to make snack that is great for having around your house.

Have some fun activities for your party so kids can keep entertained. In fact, some of these can be made with your kids before the party so they can feel like they’re helping decorate, and others can be set up on a craft table where kids can create while parents hang out

Dead Activity
Sugar Skulls can be a fun craft if you make the skulls ahead of time and then just let kids decorate the skulls. Or, even easier yet, you can purchase the skulls at a local craft store.
Halloween Activity

Painting with Spiders is an easy activity that most kids can do. Simply get a container or a sectioned plate with different washable paints, paper, and small plastic spiders. They’ll be creating spooky masterpieces in no time.
Word Find

Get their minds active and working hard while learning to identify new words with a Halloween Word Search.
Home Décor
You want your home to fit the mood of the day, so decide if you’re going to be spooky or more on the lighter side. Here are a few of my suggestions.

The “Enter if you dare” wreath is a fantastic addition to your front door and will get people excited about knocking to find out what’s going on inside.
Mummy Jars
Mummy Mason jars are fun for decorating your table and putting lights in for the night time hours.
 cat bunting
This Black Cat Bunting is great for putting behind serving tables or anywhere inside your home. 

About Jennifer Chung & Kinsights:
Jennifer Chung is a parenting expert and co-founder of part parenting community, part online health record. Kinsights provides parents with a safe place to seek answers to their questions while also helping them track their child’s health information. Organize your child’s growth and developmental milestones, immunizations, medications, allergies, and more.  Connect with Kinsights at to learn more and sign-up! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@kinsights).



Don Allred insurance of Burlington NC

>> Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Looking for an affordable insurance in North Carolina? If so, then you might want to check out don allred insurance of burlington nc, he handled various insurance that will protect you and your family, particularly for a family that go on a road trip all the time. And since Halloween season is coming up, some of you might be heading to a relative for trick or treating? So, why not get an auto insurance now that not only protect you, but also saves you money. And not only that, if you are looking for a new home insurance that has wide range of benefits, then check their website now and learn more.

Don’t let others fool you, talk to the expert and they will let you know what you really need.




Proper Gelato Products For The Cart

Proper gelato supplies for the cart are needed if a business wants to give its customers the best experience possible. There are many businesses that want to give their customers a nicer gelato, but they need to make sure they have purchased all the supplies first. Each item on the list is necessary if the gelato cart wants to succeed.

The Cups

The cups that hold the gelato are needed in many sizes. These cups must be of professional quality, and they need to be in a style that will appeal to customers. There are many times when the customer will not enjoy the product simply because the cup is no fun to hold. Also, the cup must feature the logo and colors of the business.

The Spoons

The spoons that are used at the cart must be in a size and style that works for the business. Every business has an idea of the portions they want their customers to eat. Some businesses hand out large spoons to help their customers, but there are other carts that hand out very small spoons so that the gelato can be savored while the customer is eating it.

The Flavors

The flavors that are used in the gelato must be chosen to meet the needs of the customers. The customers let the business know the kinds of flavors they want, and the business can order the flavors that they need most. Some businesses only offer a few flavors to keep customers happy, but there are other customers who prefer to have a range of flavors to eat. When the business is offering all these flavors, the customers will keep coming back to try as many flavors as they can find.

The gelato cart can be very successful when it is using the right flavors and supplies. These supplies are much easier for the company to use, and they will allow for the business to offer a good customer experience. Each and every customer will have a chance to get the flavors they want in a cup that is nice to hold.



Apple Picking at Blake's

Last month before the weather gets too cold, my family went to Apple picking at Blake’s Orchard. We haven’t been in the place for a long time since my mother in law passed away. Now, it’s seemed like a first time all over again. When we got there, there’s not too much apples left. Unfortunately, the only FUJI apples they have which is my favorite was the early Fuji kinds. I was pissed. But, despite of them all, we had fun. My kids as well. My daughter is now a little bit older to enjoy apple picking. And so as my son. They had a blast! It was not that cold either when we got there. So, it was a nice day actually for the whole family.

 Here are some of the pictures that were taken during our adventure.



air filters

Keeping The Worst Allergens Out Of Your House

When families has a problem with allergies in the family, they need to make sure they try to keep allergens out of the house. A Filtrete air filter from a company like Your Filter Connection can help to reduce allergy problems in the house. Some people in the house can be free of their allergies when they enter the home, and people who are prone to getting sick during the allergy season will feel some relief.

The Filter Style

Most families that have allergy problems are in need of a filter that is going to make life easier. There are filters that are made to get rid of allergens, and there are even filters that can trap certain types of allergens. The family must make sure that they choose the filter that is matched to their allergy issues.

The family must also make sure that they are replacing these filters often. A filter that is not replaced often will not trap all the air in the house, and it will eventually break. The best thing for the family to do is to purchase these filters in bulk. The bulk purchase keeps many filters in the house, and the homeowner can replace these things quickly on their own.

Changing Filters

These filters can be changed over time to make sure that they match the allergies for the season. The family can keep many different types of filter in the house, and they can change them as the seasons change. Changing the filters every few weeks will help to keep the family healthy, and these filters will also make it much easier for the family to stay healthy.

When a family is looking for a way to clean up the air in their home, they need to be sure they are using the right air filters. These filters must be made to make the air cleaner in the house, and they must be made to capture the smallest particles possible. These filters keep people healthy, and they allow the family to avoid their seasonal allergies.



Protecting Your Artificial Grass From Sunlight Damage

>> Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bio: Article written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial and Residential Division.

A major reason that people install fake grass in their lawns is because it is made to last. With minimal maintenance, homeowners can expect that a turf lawn will remain beautiful looking for years to come. However, even the best artificial turf lawn isn’t impervious to damage. It’s important to take care of your lawn if you want it to look great for decades.

One potential issue for artificial turf lawns is discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight. Contrary to popular belief, this can’t be caused by exposure to direct sunlight; no matter how much direct sunlight a turf lawn gets, the direct UV rays simply aren’t strong enough to cause fading. If only exposed to direct sunlight, an artificial grass lawn will maintain its lush green color for years to come.
Problems occur when a synthetic lawn receives light that has been filtered through glass such as windows or sliding glass doors. Depending on the type of glass used, the refraction of the light through the window and onto the turf can significantly increase the damage caused by UV rays. Simply put, it can act as a magnifying glass, directing hot beams of light and burning up the turf. This is particularly true when light is reflected from windows and doors that use “energy efficient” glass.

This glass is made to control the amount of heat that comes through the glass and into the home. This is accomplished by bouncing heat -- and sunlight -- from the windows and back outside. This is great for reducing heating and cooling costs but can create a problem for artificial lawns.

Having an artificial grass lawn doesn't mean that you can’t have energy efficient windows and sliding glass doors. Both artificial turf lawns and energy efficient windows are great ways to protect the environment while also reducing costs around the home. Being smart about how you manage the sunlight reflecting from your windows and doors can help to avoid damage to your lawn.

If you have energy efficient windows that are shining sunlight onto your lawn, take steps to reduce the sunlight they receive. This can mean installing awnings on the outside of your home to block sunlight from reaching the windows or using screens or shades directly on the windows. If a neighbor’s windows are causing the problem, consider blocking the sunlight by planting trees or shrubs. An intelligent use of alternatives can allow you to maintain energy efficiency in your windows while also having a long-lasting and great looking turf lawn.

Bio: Artificial Turf Supply Commercial and Residential Division is the wholesale division of Artificial Turf Supply. They have supplied high quality artificial grass for more than 5,000 residential and business installations throughout the country.

Description: While exposure to direct sunlight cannot damage artificial grass, turf can be hurt from rays that are magnified from windows. Find out how to protect your synthetic grass from sun damages.



What to Consider When Purchasing Behavioral Health Furniture

Patient safety is a primary concern for staff in any behavioral health facility. People who participate in behavioral health and psychiatric treatment programs are usually at risk for self injury, suicide and causing harm to others. In order to ensure that safety is maintained while providing a comfortable environment that allows patients to feel at home, executive decisions are made to purchase residential style behavioral health furniture as such furniture is designed to prevent injury as well as the storage of contraband.

Things to Consider

When purchasing furniture for a behavioral health facility, there are three chief things that must be considered. Furnishings must be durable to withstand tremendous use and abuse as well as multiple cleanings. Some patients live with incontinence, are prone to spilling foods and drinks and can be highly destructive. Molded plastic furniture that can be bolted to the ground and contain no removable parts are ideal to prevent patients from creating tools to cause injury to themselves and others. Tall shelving units and wardrobes must all have sloping tops to prevent patient hangings.

When purchasing furniture for a behavioral health or psychiatric facility, it is essential for staff to sit down with a consultant from a furniture provider. Such consultants will enable staff to choose options that will best fit patients' needs.



Concrete Cleaning Sealing

>> Friday, October 03, 2014

Whether you just had a driveway poured or moved into a new home, your concrete is a deceptive material that does require care. Concrete cures very slowly even though it's possible to move heavy items across the surface within days of pouring. It is also porous and prone to cracking over time if left neglected. Consider your concrete's care to add value to the home over the years.

Lawnmowing Hazards

Never allow a lawnmover to move its blades across the concrete. Along with possibly damaging the blades themselves, cracks and fissures could develop across the driveway. Keep all equipment on the grass. If you use an edger, try your best to avoid contact with the concrete's edges. Even slight damage grows in size as hot and cold weather expands and contracts the concrete's volume.

Weight Limits

When you have a lot of recreational toys, such as jet skis or small boats, it's tempting to park them all in the driveway. However, excess weight can damage the concrete. Be aware of the driveway's weight limit. An engineer can easily calculate the value for you. Essentially, two average size vehicles are safe to park on the concrete. Avoid parking heavy machinery, such as a concrete truck, on the driveway as well. Concrete damage is nearly guaranteed with this excess weight.

Vehicle Liquids

All cars eventually leak some fluids onto the ground because of age and wear on internal gaskets. If you notice your vehicles dripping anything other than water condensate from the air conditioner, consider adding a drip pan under the car. Oils and other vehicle fluids soak easily into concrete. Although they don't damage it with cracks, the stain is unsightly. Maintaining a clean concrete surface allows the pores to remain clear of any contaminants.

Cleaning Time

At least once a year, hire a professional concrete cleaning sealing team to refresh the driveway. Even with the best care, driveways succumb to weathering and dirt exposure. Specialized pressure washing cleans up the surface while sealing provides an extra layer of protection against future damage. A home's curb appeal includes the driveway's cleanliness and beauty.

Similar to caring for your home's exterior siding or lawn, be consistent about concrete driveway care. Don't park excessively heavy items on the surface or allow old vehicles to decay on top of it. You'll have a strikingly attractive driveway to show off to potential buyers in the future.



Restaurant Guide: How to Boost Your Delivery Sales

>> Friday, September 19, 2014

Running a restaurant is one of the most difficult things you can do in the business world. After all, even if you have a great concept and out of this world food, you may not be able to sustain business, practically just because of customer whims. However, there are some things you can do to improve your restaurant’s chances of survival – things like adding delivery service. Use this guide to help you boost your overall sales through delivery and help your business stay afloat even when times are tough.

1. Avoid charging hefty delivery fees to your customers if they’re somewhat nearby. Within a range of 1 to 2 miles, you shouldn’t charge delivery fees at all when you’re trying to attract new business. If you must, keep them as low as possible.

2. Have reasonable delivery hours and consider having late night delivery service if you live in a busy or metropolitan area. You don’t even have to keep your restaurant open, so you can limit your staff to only those involved in cooking, taking orders and delivering to customers.

3. Make sure you use high-quality supplies like food containers and hot delivery bags so that your food gets to customers in the best shape possible. Since food has to sit during the delivery process, food delivery bags are essential for making sure the food is restaurant quality by the time your customers eat it. If it isn’t, they won’t call back and order from you again.



Light The Room

>> Monday, September 01, 2014

Instead of updating the furniture and large areas of the home, consider changing the lighting to something that's a little more modern. This is an easy way to bring new environment into the home without changing all of the furnishings. There are several designs to choose from, and you can add the light fixtures in any room of the home.

A beautiful chandelier placed above a dining table can add an elegance to the room. Bath fixtures now come in shapes other than the typical round and square designs that you find in most homes. Some of them are in the shape of a waterfall, blending with the overall plumbing them of the bathroom. When you choose a modern light fixture, you are getting more than just a new light. You are getting something that can bring life into the home. Outdoor lighting can provide a sense of security as well as give the outside of the home a touch of contemporary design when you choose a modern piece. Wall sconces are another option to add a modern touch. Many of the modern lighting fixtures now are in bold designs like waves or something that is abstract to the eye, making it something that people will talk about while in the room.



Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day everyone!

It wasn’t so happy here in Michigan today for Labor Day, it’s been rainy and cloudy the whole day. Our barbecue/picnic plan was ruined because of it. We were thinking about it yesterday that we are going to the metro beach for the day, yet the rain is here to ruin everything! Well, it is not as bad though since the rain stopped somehow. My husband and I decided to just have some grilling at home. I made some homemade burger for him and some homemade fries as well. I made myself some grilled salmon with lobster, and some sweet potato fries. It was delicious! I never thought I could make something like this, just like what I always love to eat at TGI Fridays restaurant.

Anyway, tomorrow is exciting! Finally school is back! My son kind of excited about it but I doubt the idea of waking up so early. He needs to wake up early morning tomorrow than his usual routine of waking up at 8:30 in the morning because his dad will be dropping him off to school. He will be upset about it. He hates waking up early, just like me!

Well, it was also a good thing for me. He is back to school and it means I only have one kid at home now. Yay, not so bad.



5 Tips for Buying Cushion Foam

>> Friday, August 29, 2014

Buying the right kind of foam can make all the difference in the comfort and longevity of your chairs, beds and window seats. But how do you know what "the right kind" really is? Here are just five considerations to make when purchasing cushion foam.

1: Choose Your Material Type

Are you trying to re-stuff your couch cushions or build yourself a whole new mattress? Poly foam is the softest. Or maybe you need your foam to be waterproof and scratch-resistant for outdoor use? Look for dryfast foam, which will shake off moisture just as quickly as the name suggests. You can also customize your foam material with things like fiberfill wraps for even greater durability.

2: Think About Support

Generally speaking, a foam's density is a good indication of how much support it will offer its buyer. If you're looking for foam to build up kids chairs or foot furniture that doesn't take a lot of weight, you won't need anything with a thickness of more than three inches. On the other hand, if you require something more suitable for adults of 100lbs or more, you'll want foam of at least six inches.

3: Consider Your Comfort

The most comfortable chairs have the softest foam, but be careful not to go too far in the other direction and create something limp and lifeless. You'll need arch support for your back to keep yourself from developing aches later. Incidentally, this is where those fiberfill wraps can really come in handy!

4: Invest in Durability

High-quality, high-density foam is the kind that will last for years without losing its shape. However, it can cost quite a bit more than low-density foam, especially if you're buying a large quantity to fill up an office or board room. You might want to buy the low-density kind if you're looking for the most cost-effective option on the market.

5: Add A Little Flair

Foam can be cut in a myriad of shapes and sizes, so don't afraid to try something new for a change in interior design! They can be ordered in circles, squares and rectangles; they can be shaped into large Ls or rounded Ts; they can even be cut into truly bizarre figures for ergonomic desk chairs or unconventional window seats.
These are just five things to consider when buying foam for your next DIY project. You only thought foam would be the easy part!



Curriculum Night at Josh's School

Last Wednesday, we went to my son’s Joshua’s curriculum night. It was exciting since this time, our son will be in first grade. He was excited about it. And the surprising thing is that, he will be having the same teacher. The
teacher is teaching first grade now. For some reason, his school were having all changes and I think it is good since the teacher already knew what to do in regards on him. I was excited about him as well.

Another thing that changed was, this time he will be riding a bus. His dad will drop him off to school early in the morning. And he will be staying in the day care for a while before the school starts. Then, he will ride a bus home and I will be waiting for him. I think that’s a good idea. And it will be three times a day though since his caregiver will be picking up him at school twice a week. So, I think it will not be as bad.

It is just that I have a nightmare last two years ago of him riding a bus. There’s a bad event that took place which somehow none was doing something about it, especially on the school and bus premises. I was so mad about it but of course, there’s nothing I could do but to take my kids out of taking a school bus. He was slapped by other student and when he came home, his face were all red.

Good thing, there were no bruises, or else, I’m badly going to do something about it and maybe slap the kid as well. But, of course, I’m an educated person and I understand what’s going on. But sometimes my mother instinct sometimes gets through me. And I knew who it was. And I’m still disappointed about of school not doing anything about it. But of course, he’s not on that school anymore. We moved him away. Now I hope these terrible incident will not happen again.

The event was doing great. I got all the packet information,new things that come along the way. Pretty much the same from last year. New room for Joshua and he met some old and new faces of his classmates too.

Anyway, my son’s school will not start until September 2nd, and he was totally not so excited about it. But, every time he sees his new backpack, he can’t wait! So funny. And I can’t wait too! Few days more to go!


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